ATEMAG Aggregatetechnologie und Manufaktur AG is an innovative company that develops, manufactures and markets high-performance units for cutting wood, composites, aluminum and plastic on CNC machining centers. What makes it so special is this - instead of being produced on an assembly line, each ATEMAG unit is manufactured by hand by a single engineer who meticulously records every step in the process, so each individual unit is unique. ATEMAG has now developed Control 4.0 to further optimize the already outstanding performance of its units.

Networked using Control 4.0, the units report load fluctuations during machining directly to the machine in question, which then intervenes during the actual process. This approach supports a targeted and controlled improvement in operating parameters to make the most of the units’' potential, which means Control 4.0 can play a big part in optimizing capacity utilization in production. It also boasts an application that can be used to ascertain the condition of particular units as and when required, regardless of the machine control system. A further benefit is the integrated lifetime counter, which automatically indicates when services are due and makes it possible to draw up a precise, hitch-free and cost-effective maintenance plan based on the exact hours of operation. The infrastructure already in place for Control 4.0 is designed also to support remote maintenance for units at the customer's request. Test runs indicate a unit's status so that an informed decision can be made as to whether maintenance is required.

ATEMAG Aggregatetechnologie und Manufaktur AG (77716 Hofstetten, Germany)