Achieving sustained profitability in sawmilling hinges on system-wide process optimization. Consequently, sawmill companies around the world are looking to invest in advanced technologies across a range of areas, from log handling right through to timber drying, optimization and packaging. LIGNA, the world’s leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industries, is the perfect place for them to do their research and ensure they make the right decisions.

The show will feature a solid lineup of market leaders, including Linck, USNR and Veisto, who will be presenting integrated systems comprising state-of-the-art roundwood handling and cutting systems. Visitors looking for roundwood yard optimization solutions will also find fully automated debarking systems from a range of providers, including Baljer & Zembrod and Valon Kone. EWD will also be there with its camera-assisted log grading and sawing pattern optimization software for maximizing sawn timber yield. The primary focus of innovation in this area is on electronic measurement systems. Technologies for determining roundwood and lumber dimensions and quality are another important means of adding value in sawmilling. X-ray scanners, such as those produced by Microtec, are a prime example of this. The same is true of automatic board edging systems, such as the latest edging lines by Primultini. Then, of course, there are specialists like PAUL Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, whose optimized docking saws maximize output and minimize trim waste.

There is always some degree of waste, of course, and so there is growing interest in recycling systems. For example, Vecoplan and Urbas will be showcasing their solutions for processing sawmill residues into valuable products and biofuels. Another exciting option in the sawmill efficiency game relates to high-tech timber kilns of the type showcased by Mühlböck and Eberl. These kilns enable sawmill operators to get high-quality timber to market faster and more easily than ever before.

Another key development is that more and more sawmill companies are diversifying their portfolios. Increasingly, they are supplementing their lumber offerings with processed, value-added timber products. LIGNA has this area covered as well, with an extensive array of products ranging from small "plug & play" planing solutions to the large-scale finger-jointing plants developed by the Weinig Group. In 2017, the LIGNA show’s revamped thematic layout will make it much easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. Products and solutions for all stages of the sawmill value chain will be located under one roof, in Hall 25, while the displays of mobile sawmill technology will be located on the open-air site.

Meanwhile, the latest technologies for processing lumber into construction materials such as structural laminated timber and plywood will be on show in the neighboring Hall 27.