VENJAKOB stands for surface technology based on system solutions - from pretreatment followed by the painting process, conveyor and handling equipment through to drying and exhaust air filtering. The company's unceasing pursuit of innovation has culminated in a broad range of standard and special machines for fully automated surface treatment. Thanks to the modular nature of these systems, users can retrofit additional elements, ensuring they are always perfectly placed to adapt to changing production requirements. Visitors who think the company is a conventional mechanical engineering firm like any other are in for a surprise. VENJAKOB is using LIGNA 2019 in Hannover to show a whole new side to itself with a concept that is centered on the motto "Get Connected".

VENJAKOB's trade fair motto has three alternate endings - "…with the state of the art", "…with the future" and "…with the team". The first focuses on the latest technical capabilities, with exhibits including the VEN SPRAY PERFECT painting plant, which uses RFID tags integrated into the workpieces to configure machine parameters. The VENJAKOB dashboard, enhanced with the open "Tapio" ecosystem, offers an insight into how customers can call up machine data that has been effectively prepared so they can monitor the production process, plan predictive maintenance work or draw up analyses at management level, for example. The company is also demonstrating how easily and quickly customers can get technical support that goes beyond conventional remote service features. Using the VENJAKOB Service app and a mobile application, machine operators can get highly relevant, on-site support from VENJAKOB specialists. When it comes to connecting with "the future", the company is offering a taster of the digital add-ons it is set to roll out in the near future. Finally, “Get connected with the team” is an invitation to get better acquainted with what really matters to the company and its workforce - experience and reliability.