Family-run RUWI GmbH is a true team of specialists. Whether master carpenters, engineers, industrial mechanics or creative minds - RUWI pulls together the qualifications, backgrounds and experience of each team member to combine wide-ranging expertise with fresh ideas, professional skills and genuine team spirit. This is how the specialist in workplace design and time-saving solutions repeatedly succeeds in making pre-existing solutions that little bit better.

The latest example of this approach in action is the company's recently unveiled worktable. The design incorporates a table top with a pattern of holes spaced at 20-millimeter intervals and innovative workpiece supports. The tried-and-tested anti-slip coatings used by RUWI are usually more than enough to hold workpieces in place for machining - with no need for clamps. However, virtually every panel needs to be repositioned at some point in the process. To accomplish this with the greatest of ease - and minimum risk of damage to surfaces - RUWI has developed sophisticated workpiece supports. These are mounted on the worktable via their own quick clamps, without having to use any tools. Each non-slip workpiece support also has a plastic rail fitted to the side that can be moved up diagonally after loosening two bolts. Once a workpiece has been lifted off the rubber foam-like surface of the supports using these plastic rails, it will glide effortlessly into its new position. And when the workpiece is in the perfect place, the side rails are simply lowered again to set it back down on the non-slip surface.

RUWI GmbH (78737 Fluorn-Winzeln, Germany)