KÜNDIG GmbH normally develops and produces standardized surface and edge sanders for industry and the trades. However, it's also a prime example of what makes European machine manufacturers so successful the world over. Beyond its actual core market - the various branches of the woodworking industry - the company has decades of experience in finding unique solutions for specialized applications and in machining the surfaces of many different materials.

Only recently, for instance, KÜNDIG once again demonstrated its design prowess with the numerous special technical features it built into a customized machine for an industrial-scale furniture manufacturer. Used to machine continuous MDF, the system brushes the underside of the workpiece while simultaneously precision sanding the top using two oblique sanding units located in separate upper sections. In addition to preparing the workpiece for subsequent gluing and film lamination in a single pass, each sanding unit in the two-part upper section can be raised so one sanding belt can be changed while the other unit keeps running - ideal for maintaining the production line's continuous three-shift operation without any interruptions.

KÜNDIG GmbH (99867 Gotha, Germany)
Website: https://kundig.com