What is new/innovative about the SATURN Digital Printing Line?

SATURN is an industrial digital printing line with water-based inks that can be integrated into the existing production processes of the customers. It is a standard machine that offers high-tech components and proven inks for a reasonable investment.

SATURN guarantees efficient decentralized production at the desired quality level. It is a breakthrough in the production of digitally printed decorative paper. The development partnership of Hymmen and Ricoh made it possible: Now the first line is ready for production at the Hymmen technology center.

What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

The SATURN is designed to move the printing process closer to the end of the production chain. Different to many other applications, SATURN is focused on the real needs of a production site, matching the needed volumes and facilitating all the benefits of digital printing. Lower energy consumption, easier paper drying and better reliability due to reduced complexity are the positive side effects.

The advantages of SATURN can be summarized as follows:

  • Designed for the needs of a decentralized print on demand concept for all batch sizes
  • Flexible printing with a quick time to market
  • New and individual decor possibilities
  • Minimal storage of decorative papers through just-in-time production
  • Lower investment volume and production cost
  • Capacity is balanced to the throughput of the pre- and post-processing
  • Recently the first SATURN Digital Printing Line was taken into operation in the technology center of Hymmen. It is now ready for production. Owing to the partnership of two established companies in the digital printing market and their combined expertise, Hymmen and Ricoh are your ideal partners for tomorrow´s water-based digital printing.

    Technical data

  • Printing speed: 15 – 35 m/min
  • Effective working width 700 / 1.400 / 2.300 mm
  • Resolution 600 or 1200 dpi
  • Printhead type Ricoh MH5421MF
  • Color system water-based decor inks standard 4 colors CMYK additional colors possible
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