The key to running an automated wood-fired heating system smoothly and without interruption is ensuring it has a reliable supply of pellets or wood chips. Since this specific point in the process chain is particularly prone to problems, HDG Bavaria GmbH has developed the HDG Vario system, which feeds in wood chips in an especially energy-efficient and reliable way.

What makes the HDG Vario really stand out is its flexible connection to the boiler, which is realized via a ball joint. Thanks to this unique solution, storage bunkers can even be planned with low construction heights and minimum clearances. Depending on requirements, the new system can be equipped with screw conveyors in two sizes - 160 and 200 millimeters. While HDG claims the smaller variant is ideal for wood chip heating systems up to 240 kilowatts, the larger version can be used with wood chip heating systems up to 400 kilowatts. The latter also has a separate high-performance drive for the cellular wheel and a 120 percent larger opening on the new "Cut Connection", which is located at the transition between the delivery screw and the cellular wheel sluice. The "Cut Connection" in particular enhances the material flow by shortening bulky material that is too long with its replaceable, specially ground counter blades. These blades chip wood as and when necessary in an energy-efficient system that ensures the heating process itself can run smoothly without the risk of blockages occurring in the delivery system.

HDG Bavaria GmbH (84323 Massing, Germany)