An automatic handling system that allows loading and unloading at two separate stacking stations, increasing the machine's degree of autonomy and boosting productivity - this is what many joineries and industrial companies want. Biesse has taken these wishes to heart and will be presenting Synchro at LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, Germany, a system that transforms a Rover machining center into an automatic cell for autonomous manufacturing without an operator.

Known for their high performance and flexibility, Rover CNC machining centers offer both small craft businesses and larger industrial companies a fast and efficient solution for their production. To optimize workflows and manufacturing, Biesse developed the easy-to-use Synchro automatic handling system, a device designed for machining doors as well as edged and pre-edged panels. The user-friendly system eliminates the risk of damage when handling heavy panels of varying sizes that normally require two operators. Various configurations are available for the user to choose from to suit the workpiece size and stacking arrangement. The space-saving system requires only a small footprint and can be positioned to the left or right of the work center. The Synchro fixture can be operated in conjunction with Rover console machines as well as Rover FT nesting machining centers.