Based in Austria, the FELDER Group is one of the most innovative machine manufacturers in Europe and one of the world's leading suppliers of woodworking machines for skilled craftspeople, trade and industry. Since day one, FELDER has been committed to supplying turnkey solutions - from the machine itself, in-house software and high-quality accessories right through to customized extraction solutions and a wide range of services both on site and at its hotline center. Now at LIGNA 2019 to show its innovative prowess isn't merely limited to large-scale solutions, FELDER is celebrating a string of trade fair premieres - including for a new system aimed at preventing accidents in sawing operations.

FELDER isn't shy about what its newly developed Preventive Contact System (PCS) can do: "Every woodworker, and thus every woodworking company, has ten good reasons not to compromise when it comes to working safety - PCS® prevents accidents and guarantees dexterity and a quality handshake forever!" Keen to honor this promise, FELDER has dug deep into its technological bag of tricks, creating a system that lowers the saw blade below the circular saw bench immediately upon detecting the risk of an accident. The solution utilizes the principle of electromagnetic repulsion, which is said to enable an unprecedented, extremely short response time of a few milliseconds. To ensure risks are detected in the first place, the saw blade is surrounded by a safety field. Should anything unexpectedly and rapidly come into this area, the safety lowering mechanism is triggered. The PCS® safety lowering mechanism itself doesn’t cause any damage or incur extra costs and the sliding table panel saw is ready for reuse at the push of a button. As an added bonus, PCS® doesn't feature any wear parts, meaning there is absolutely nothing to adjust or maintain.