Over the years, SCHUGOMA System GmbH has established itself as a supplier of special solutions for edge technology. Whether mobile edgebanders with glue application, manual processing centers, or seamless edges with the KANTENKING for laser edges, SCHUGOMA offers companies of all sizes innovative solutions that satisfy the most stringent demands. It has now set out to dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning required when working with polyurethane (PUR), and its solution is the new PURity adhesive application system.

Besides having to satisfy high standards of adhesion - as is only to be expected - adhesive joints also need to meet tough demands in terms of temperature, humidity and chemical resistance, not to mention hygiene. What's more, the expectations of end customers regarding quality and color range are constantly growing. PUR-based hot-melt adhesives offer a particularly good solution for keeping things colorful, but the downside is they are more difficult to work with and, in particular, require a lot of cleaning compared to alternative glues based on ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). However, this is precisely where the new PURity adhesive application system from SCHUGOMA comes in. In fact, SCHUGOMA is confident that its solution sets a new benchmark for water-resistant invisible joints thanks to the significantly lower cleaning outlay involved.

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