In October of 2019, the Jakarta-based woodworking trade fair, IFMAC, was staged for the first time in cooperation with Deutsche Messe. From 23 to 26 September 2020, the second edition of the event will follow, continuing the successful cooperation between the Indonesian exhibition company Wakeni (PT. Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur) and Deutsche Messe, the Hannover-based producers of LIGNA. "For the woodworking community in Southeast Asia, our IFMAC 2020 provides a unique and stable platform to make upcoming investments and inform attendees on the latest status of woodworking technology," reports Christian Pfeiffer, Global Director of LIGNA & Woodworking Shows at Deutsche Messe.

Deutsche Messe is staging two group pavilions at IFMAC – the "International Woodworking Pavilions" – and thus providing suppliers with an entry gate to the Southeast Asian market, with an inexpensive turnkey package for any company coming from abroad. The pavilions will be centrally located in the woodworking machinery sector as well as the sector for furniture industry accessories and materials at the event. In addition, IFMAC is offering German exhibitors the opportunity to participate in a group pavilion sponsored by the German Ministry of Economics (BMWi).

"There is a great deal of demand in Southeast Asia for efficient solutions, high-performance woodworking machines and state-of-the-art accessories, which is why IFMAC 2020 is coming at just the right time," remarks Pfeiffer. Indonesian furniture companies require new technology to adapt the quality of their products to meet new standards. The country has an internationally significant furniture industry – one that plays an important role in the growth of the local woodworking market. However, their production machinery is often outdated and needs to be replaced by new, more efficient equipment.

IFMAC 2020 will focus on furniture and woodworking machinery as well as materials and components. The range of topics extends from CNC woodworking machines and machines for interior finishing, to raw materials for furniture production and surface treatment, fittings and locks, and coatings and adhesives.

Exhibitors at IFMAC include international market leaders as well as local dealers and distributors who represent the entire industry supply chain. International manufacturers such as Altendorf, Felder, the Raute Group, Saint-Gobain, SCM, Weinig and Wood-Mizer were on board in 2019, and the Indonesian market is becoming increasingly important for them. Leading exhibitors from Indonesia included Plantation Resources, a full-range supplier for the wood industry, and Alpha Utama Mandiri, a company that sells the entire range of woodworking machines

Several big-name manufacturers have already announced their participation in IFMAC 2020, including Homag, EWD, Ledinek, Biesse and the Felder Group.