When outsiders to the wood industry think of vacuum lifting equipment, they almost automatically assume only smooth, clearly defined materials are suitable for lifting. While that may well have been the case in the past, the latest generation of vacuum grippers featuring a patented vacuum valve system can handle even highly structured, perforated wooden elements, without the need to reprogram the lifting equipment. One prime example is the VUSS vacuum gripper from AERO-LIFT Vakuumtechnik GmbH - its vacuum plates boast unique flow control valves that open up a whole host of opportunities for the wood industry. The VUSS vacuum gripper is suitable for handling unprocessed materials such as pallets or boards and ready-made furniture components, both unpackaged or in boxes.

The patented VUSS technology uses the flow control valves to control numerous small suction points that in turn generate a sufficient vacuum to ensure goods are moved to their destination safely and completely automatically. As a result, a large number of workpieces of different shapes and sizes can be quickly transported without creating a mess. This greatly speeds up logistics processes and reduces the time needed for loading machinery and automatically destacking panel materials. Whether in an automatic application flange-mounted onto a robot arm or manually operated via a tube lifter, the VUSS vacuum gripper is a highly reliable, flexible and effective solution. What's more, the gripper is designed to be fully functional even in working environments soiled by dust or sawdust.

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