LIGNA.TV is back for a fourth season. Woodworking professionals will be able to tune in to the web TV service during the run-up to LIGNA 2019 and on every day of the show. LIGNA.TV brings the latest industry news and views to the Internet in a series of quality video round-ups. The service will be available from January to May 2019 at and on its own dedicated LIGNA.TV YouTube channel. The whole package is coordinated and organized by the German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers' Association (part of the German Engineering Federation – VDMA) in partnership with Deutsche Messe.

Joiners, cabinetmakers and other woodworking professionals are coming under immense pressure as a result of digitization and escalating customer expectations in terms of product quality and individualization. But the good news is they can tune in to LIGNA.TV for coverage of these and other major industry trends, information on the latest machinery solutions, and first-hand insights from industry peers. They can use the service to find information, complete with real-life examples on things like how to find the right digitization and automation solutions for their needs and how to deal with their industry's worsening skills shortage. With their fresh, modern visual styling and use of information-rich graphics and animations, LIGNA.TV's short, punchy bulletins quickly get to the heart of even the most complex topics, delivering content that is clear and readily understood.

By woodworking professionals, for woodworking professionals

The LIGNA.TV content is delivered by a presenter teaming up with a practicing joiner/cabinetmaker, who provides answers to topical questions. What do woodworking pros have to say about the given topics? What are the solutions that actually work? What do tradespeople actually need? What are the best approaches to implementation and usage? LIGNA.TV provides information, tradeshow round-ups and entertainment in three formats: "Tischler-Magazin" ("Joinery Magazine"), "Vor Ort" ("In the Workshop") and "Im Focus" ("In Focus").

LIGNA.TV: "Tischler-Magazin"

The producers are planning to webcast 15 episodes during the period from January to May 2019. Each will be filmed on site in a joinery workshop. Each episode will begin with a brief outline of a particular topic. It will then present the views and opinions of actual joiners and close with a look at relevant solutions plus information on where they will be on display at LIGNA 2019.

LIGNA.TV: "Vor Ort"

In this report format, the presenters will take a look behind the scenes at a joiner or cabinetmaker at work in his/her workshop. The focus may be on things like unusual products, advanced or unconventional production processes, or perhaps even on a firm with an unusual history. The producers are planning 20 episodes in all.

LIGNA.TV: "Im Fokus"

Viewers who want to delve a little deeper into various topics can tune into the "Im Fokus" section for longer-form interviews and more detailed information.

During the build-up to LIGNA, visitors can use LIGNA.TV to prepare for the show by previewing the innovations, solutions and applications that will be on display. The LIGNA.TV content will remain available after the show is over.

Then, from 27 to 31 May 2019, visitors can head to LIGNA and experience the live plant and machinery presentations first-hand, network with business partners and ‘compare notes' with their peers – all the things that make a real visit to the show the absolute highlight of the year.