NUHN GmbH is an importer for the U.S. forestry and agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere. Alongside a wide array of heavy machinery, the company is also showcasing a newly designed cabin model for John Deere forwarders on the LIGNA open-air site this year. Set to be launched at the end of spring 2019, this fixed cabin is, first and foremost, a reliable and affordable alternative to the rotating and leveling cabin and is suitable for all forwarder models. Despite sporting a simpler design, this new cabin is said to provide drivers with a high level of comfort under ideal ergonomic conditions, along with a whole host of other advantages. As a result, these fixed cabins naturally offer a cost-effective alternative for fields of work where the benefits of a rotating and leveling cabin cannot be adequately utilized. In fact, this new cabin provides so many advantages - particularly when compared to the previous model – that we couldn’t possibly list them all here. So pay a visit to LIGNA and see for yourself!