The BECK Fastener Group is a family business, was founded in 1904 and has been one of the world's leading companies for fastening technology for over 85 years. It recently raised its profile with the development of the LignoLoc system, which features the first collated nail made of wood. Now, around one year on from the LignoLoc launch, the company has taken this innovative product to the next level. Its latest system comprises the F60 LignoLoc pneumatic nailer from BECK subsidiary FASCO along with beechwood nails in lengths ranging from 45 to 90 millimeters and diameters of between 4.7 and 5.3 millimeters.

These new dimensions are set to be particularly beneficial when building environmentally friendly timber houses, where the use of wood-only joints is seen as a big plus. LignoLoc nails prevent thermal bridges, leave no traces of corrosion and won’t damage tools being used on wall elements. They are resistant to fungal infestation, too, which also makes them ideal for outdoor use. The new LignoLoc F60 pneumatic nailer generates the necessary force to drive the beechwood nails directly into wood or wood-based materials without the need for any pre-drilling. When BECK LignoLoc nails are driven in, they meld into the surrounding wood to form a permanent bond. This "lignin welding effect" has been tested and confirmed by scientists from the University of Hamburg, whose results were also published in the European Journal of Wood and Wood Products in January 2018. What's more, the eco-friendly properties of LignoLoc wooden nails extend from production all the way through to recycling. The European beechwood used is a sustainable raw material and doesn't need to be transported over long distances. Last but not least, according to a nova-Institute study, making LignoLoc wooden nails generates only a quarter of the greenhouse gases produced when manufacturing technically comparable steel nails.