Under the banner "precision in dialog", VOLLMER WERKE Maschinenfabrik GmbH from Biberach, Germany, is showcasing grinding and eroding machinery for the wood processing industry that can be used to sharpen circular, band and gang saws and rotary tools. The highlight is the new VOLLMER CC 355 production system for circular saws, but the modified QXD 250 eroding machine for PCD-tipped rotary tools and the VGrind 360 grinding machine for solid carbide tools should also be worth a look for furniture makers, manufacturers of wood-based materials and operators of sharpening services.

The new CC 355 production system is ideal for manufacturers of carbide-tipped circular saws used for cutting wood. It can sharpen circular saw blades - in other words, tooth faces, tooth tops and side angles - in a single operation and in large volumes. To do this, four gripper arms automatically transfer the saw blades - which can have a diameter from 150 to 355 millimeters - from the loading system to the three machining stations. If larger circular saw blades need to be sharpened, the CP 650 sharpening machine, also being exhibited in Hannover, is a further attractive option, as it can sharpen tooth faces and tooth tops of carbide-tipped circular saws with diameters between 80 and 650 millimeters. VOLLMER is also providing information at its stand about further machines used for sharpening services or in the sharpening rooms of sawmills.