Nesting is a technique used in woodworking shops when cutting flat materials such as MDF and decorative particle board to size that aims to minimize waste by maximizing the number of parts that can be cut out of each sheet. Covering three modules, the NEXTEC nesting machining centers make HOLZ-HER - part of the Weinig Group - one of the leading suppliers in this specific sector. Its broad product portfolio includes the ideal solution for every requirement and for companies of every size. The key benefits of NEXTEC machining centers include precise formatting and CNC machining in a single clamping operation - and the workload for the machine operator is as low as it gets. NEXTEC nesting technology is also claimed to be perfectly configured to support state-of-the-art connectors such as the Clamex P system and Cabineo connectors.

However, HOLZ-HER is now moving nesting a step beyond simple machining. NEXTEC 4.0 is the complete solution for entering and controlling production and material flows in the workshop. At its heart is an additional computer that looks after both the "design part" and data and material flow control during the work preparation stage. Data is automatically transferred from this master computer to the machine, thus ensuring both work preparation and the machine are networked in line with the current state of the art. This means data doesn't have to leave the production site and can instead be processed and archived right on the spot. CabinetSelect software helps users do this by providing a simple means of generating CNC and cutting data for carcass furniture. The standard library that comes with all NEXTEC machining centers already includes more than 400 furniture designs, and integrating additional professional CAD/CAM software systems is said to be no problem - thereby further improving flexibility.

However, the master computer can also be used to link NEXTEC machining centers via standardized data transfer interfaces directly to the HOLZ-HER Warehouse, which takes care of order management. Among other things, the database software enables users to combine several orders and have them produced as one collective batch. An integrated workpiece management list also gives operators the option of manually inserting and modifying workpieces and their numbers. The solution even includes an automatically reconciling material database. What's more, thanks to the interplay with the order database on the machine computer, not only do operators have an overview of the upcoming nesting plans, they can also access information about the anticipated machining time, the level of processing and the achieved production time.

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