Wooden substructures call for screws to be driven in at lower speeds than into metal ones. To accommodate this key difference, Karl M. Reich Verbindungstechnik (KMR) – a leading provider of autofeed screw systems and one of the many subsidiaries of Behrens Group - has equipped its new 3371 cordless strip magazine screwdriver with two-speed technology, which smooths and accelerates progress by eliminating the need for tool changes. Besides wooden and metal substructures, the 3371 can also be used to drive screws into boards made of wooden materials, gypsum or gypsum fibers.

KMR impressively claims six times as many screws can be put into place with the 3371 autofeed screwdriver than with a conventional drywall screw gun in a similar space of time. However, precision plays an important role, too, because remedying screws that aren't flush with the surface can prove very time-consuming and costly. The new 3371 two-speed screwdriver makes it possible to accurately adjust the penetration depth and screw length without tools and features a cap made of soft plastic that's designed to prevent slipping and surface damage during positioning. What's more, by detaching the removable screw magazine attachment, the 3371 can be used as a regular cordless screwdriver. The 3371 is supplied as a full set in a carrying case complete with two battery packs, a rapid charging device, a quick-release bit holder and a handy belt clip.

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