The show’s exhibition lineup includes woodworking machinery for the Mexican and Central American furniture industry, forestry technology, living room, kitchen and office furniture, fabrics, upholstery materials and supplies. The 2017 highlights include the premier of the CNC Application Park, a special display where leading manufacturers of CNC machinery, tools, software and control equipment will showcase their products, services and expertise. Visitors to the CNC Application Park will discover innovative technologies for processing a wide range of materials for window, door, staircase and furniture components.

Magna ExpoMueblera 2017, which runs from 18 to 21 January, will occupy some 30,000 square meters (322,900 sq. ft.) of display space and feature 320 exhibitors, including leading providers of wood industry machinery, such as Stiles, Felder, SCM, Biesse and Cehisa, plus the Nowy Styl Group, one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of office chairs and furniture.

Mexico City is a key market hub for the southern United States and Central and Latin America. The last time Magna ExpoMueblera was held (January 2016), it drew more than 80 percent of its 25,000 visitor total from these regions.

The Mexican market is highly dynamic and offers excellent prospects for growth. This is partly because a number of furniture manufacturers are moving their production facilities for the North American market from Asia to Mexico in order to take advantage of logistical and quality benefits. Known as reshoring, this trend is supported by the North American Free Trade Agreement and can also be observed in other industries.

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