Nested-based manufacturing (NBM) – better known in the industry as nesting – is an efficient way of arranging workpieces to optimize cutting operations and thus improve material yield, particularly where the pieces involved are a wide variety of shapes. On show at LIGNA 2017, IMA's new, exceptionally compact Performance.CUT aims to combine the advantages of nesting with the speed of sawing technology so even the smallest volumes can be cut cost-effectively and flexibly in the tightest of spaces.

To achieve this, IMA has reinterpreted the tried-and-tested, high-performance technology from the BIMA Cutting Center to produce the streamlined Performance.CUT. The resulting machine should bring a smile to the faces of cost-conscious manufacturers not only by optimizing the cutting of small batches, but also by keeping acquisition costs low. Since no sacrificial boards are required, the potential savings are enormous. Moreover, because workpieces are permanently held in place until completely separated, users can expect excellent quality standards. Performance.CUT also supports automatic tool changes during operation in minimal times.