As the world's number one wood industry show, LIGNA provides complete coverage of the current state of the art in wood-based panel production technology. LIGNA's new hall layout plan ( watch video ) makes it even easier for trade visitors to navigate the show’s vast offering, with all big-name providers of panel production technology clustered in Hall 26. Among them will be Bruks Klöckner, a manufacturer of modular wood chippers for the particleboard industry, and Pallmann, which will be showcasing next-generation knife ring flakers that can achieve higher throughputs with less energy.

Manufacturers of continuous press systems have already reached a high level of efficiency by optimizing the density distribution of raw material within their roller systems. The latest technology releases in this sector include special equipment packages for lightweight panel products. There are also a number of key advances in exhaust air technology, as illustrated by German company Scheuch, which will be demonstrating the optimization potential of its press fume extraction and cleaning system.

Of course, industry heavyweights that supply entire turnkey plants, such as Dieffenbacher, Siempelkamp and IMAL/Pal Group, will also be exhibiting at LIGNA 2017. Their latest systems promise significant raw material and energy savings, too. Savings potential also extends to adhesives, as illustrated by solutions such as the Ecoresinator and the Evojet P. As market demand for high-quality surfaces continues to rise, so too does the sophistication of the surface quality monitoring and measurement systems on offer. Accordingly, next year's LIGNA will feature a range of new solutions from specialist providers, such as Fagus-Grecon and Electronic Wood Systems – two companies that are setting new standards in this field of technology. Among the latest developments are systems that scan the surfaces of raw panels as soon as they leave the sanding machine.

These are just a small sample of the innovations that will be on show at LIGNA 2017. No matter what size company you work for, if you are a wood industry professional, LIGNA is an absolute must-see event for you.