Building sites have their very own soundtrack of circular saws, drills and cement mixers. Together, these "instruments" create a cacophony of sound that leaves little scope for conversations or any background music in the workplace. Not all sites are faced with such an impenetrable wall of noise, though, and this has led to the recent emergence of radios designed specifically to ensure workers on building sites can enjoy energizing music or catch up on the latest news. Festool, the Wendlingen-based manufacturer of system products for tradespeople, is now bringing its own interpretation of a construction site radio to LIGNA 2017 in Hannover - one that meets the company's usual high standards.

The new, robust SYSROCK BR 10 construction site radio from Festool combines compact dimensions and a lightweight design with impeccable sound quality. Like many of this company’s tools, the SYSROCK BR 10 can be powered by a Festool battery pack if there’s nowhere handy to plug it in. Thanks to a Bluetooth interface and integrated hands-free function, users can also play music on their smartphones through the speaker or make sure everyone on site can hear what the boss is saying when he calls. The SYSROCK BR 10 is an analog radio and the SYSROCK BR 10 DAB+ a digital version.