The Behrens Group - better known under the brand name BeA - was founded over a century ago and now uses a global network of subsidiaries and affiliates to sell pneumatic and gas-powered nailers and staplers developed and produced in Germany, along with the relevant fasteners in the form of collated nails, staples and screws. The company is showcasing a large number of its products at LIGNA 2017. The focus in particular is on the new BeA VTT connector for crates and pallets made from 12- and 15-millimeter-thick board materials, with which BeA aims to launch a revolution in packaging technology.

BeA points out that its connector, which is protected as a utility model, cuts assembly times for crates by up to 60 percent and can also reduce costs for connectors by up to 15 percent. As a universal solution for connecting corners and long sides, the BeA VTT connector also simplifies storage and recycling, prevents damage to crates when they are opened in customs checks and, what’s more, increases workplace safety thanks to defined fastening points. At LIGNA 2017 in Hannover, packaging experts can see for themselves the benefits of the new BeA VTT connector, which BeA itself aptly sums up as "ingenious simplicity". The shape of the component, made of high-grade hot-dip galvanized steel, enables the creation of dimensionally stable corner and long side connections with just one connector and without the need for virtually any tools. No drilled, milled or grooved profiles are needed to achieve a perfect connection.