Today's cordless tools aren't just free of sockets and cables, they also impress with their professional performance. Even a high-quality supplier such as Festool now offers a comprehensive range of cordless professional tools. The products are based on a combination of 18 volt lithium-ion batteries with no memory effect and brushless EC-TEC motors. The smart power electronics generate an extraordinary amount of power while consuming extremely low amounts of energy. Meanwhile, the intelligent motor control system automatically reduces torque in the event of overloading, thus ensuring a longer service life. The absence of brushes enables a much more compact and lightweight design, ensuring users can work for longer without getting tired. The cordless ISC 240 insulating-material saw is the latest addition to the 18 volt models from Festool.

The ISC 240 really comes into its own - no matter whether handheld or guided with a guide rail and stop system, whether being used on roofs, scaffolding or flooring, or whether working with mineral or natural fiber insulation materials or PUR insulating boards, this saw boasts impressive mobility, versatility and efficiency. The cordless ISC 240 insulating-material saw from Festool is thus the perfect solution for users who are not just looking to insulate roofs and walls but are also keen to reduce their workload.

Festool GmbH (73240 Wendlingen, Germany)