Universal tools often seem like a compromise - in the eyes of professionals and ambitious amateurs, at any rate. Yet many users are keen to find a universal screwdriving tool that covers the widest possible range of applications, according to Wera Werkzeuge GmbH - a company that certainly doesn't settle for compromises. Wera set out to develop a single tool for multiple metric and Imperial dimensions - a tool that automatically adjusts to different screw sizes, is safe to hold, doesn't damage anything and supports high operating speeds. In other words, a true all-rounder - which is precisely what the Joker 6004 from Wera claims to be.

The Joker 6004 comes in five different sizes and is a self-adjusting spanner whose continuous and parallel jaws replace several individual spanner dimensions. The required size is set automatically and continuously when attaching the tool to a hexagon nut or screw. Next, the integrated lever mechanism securely clamps the hexagon nut or screw between the jaws, which significantly reduces the risk of slipping or damage. The integrated ratchet function ensures fast and consistent screwing without removing the tool. Meanwhile, corner-width rectangular prisms mean users can achieve a return angle of just 30°. What's more, the single-arm design, combined with the ratchet function and corner-width prism, is primed to enable work even in confined spaces. Besides the individual tools in sizes XS to XXL, Wera also supplies the Joker 6004 as a four-part set for at least 18 different metric and Imperial screw drives in a compact folding pouch. And thanks to the hook-and-loop fastener system on the back, this pouch is ideal for attaching to walls, shelves, workshop trolleys and the Wera 2go system.

Wera Werkzeuge GmbH (42349 Wuppertal, Germany)
Website: https://products.wera.de