Looking good isn't everything - but it's not bad either: after all, it's often the first impression that makes the difference. The natural look of untreated wood on a window or front door, trendy color shades on the facade, an elegant, deep matt surface on a piece of furniture: this is how wood shows its best side today. At Adler, wood processors can find the quality coatings they need for the modern and natural wood look. At LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, the Tyrolean company will be showing the full range of its current coating highlights.

Among said highlights is clearly the new Crystal Clear Technology (CCT). It is said to enable highly transparent coating structures for windows and front doors with unprecedented brilliance - and with outstanding UV protection. The development team in the Adler laboratory has, according to its own statement, put together a unique light protection package for this purpose, which protects against both yellowing and fading and permanently preserves the natural look of oak, spruce, larch and co.

Woodworkers should also get their money's worth at Adler's booth. They can immerse themselves in the world of the latest trend color shades for interiors and exteriors. How about elegant hematite black, warm tulite red or earthy mojave green on the facade instead of the same old gray tones? The new trend color chart for the water-based stain Lignovit Platin now also includes more colorful tones. In addition, woodworkers can look forward to the new Pyrolan Expand fire protection glaze: it is said to be easy to apply and highly effective in protecting the wood.

For furniture manufacturers, Adler will be showcasing the latest technologies for modern surfaces at LIGNA - such as Calander Coating Inert and Excimer for a deep matt look with the resistance of a high-quality UV coating. In addition, Adler will be showing how modern staining systems refine the unique character of wood. And last but not least, the Austrians will present the all-round sustainable furniture lacquer Bluefin Terra-Diamond. Because Adler's coatings not only look good - according to the manufacturer, they also meet all the demands of modern wood processors in terms of surface quality, material efficiency and sustainability.