The LEDINEK brand dates back to 1992 and currently comprises four companies – Ledinek Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, Ledinek Engineering d.o.o., Ledinek-TECH Vertriebs GmbH and Lestro-Ledinek d.o.o. Thanks to its commitment to offering a comprehensive, multidisciplinary portfolio and a high level of expertise, and its deep passion for innovation and developing new technical processes, LEDINEK firmly believes it is making a significant contribution to woodworking around the world. As specialists in solid wood surface machining, planers and moulders, engineered timber presses and long timber finger jointing machines, the LEDINEK Group is taking on the challenges of our time to bring top-quality products to the market - from the initial idea and design process right through to delivering and assembling the equipment. Here is a shining example of the solution- and goal-oriented approach the company always takes when serving its customers.

In spring 2020, LEDINEK put a new Kontizink L-S120 finger jointing machine into operation for the Sokol Timber Company, a subsidiary of the Segezha Group (one of Russia's largest woodworking corporations). This machine went on to become part of a complex glulam beam production line. The Group is particularly proud of this achievement, as the coronavirus pandemic resulted in it having to leave the site at short notice in the middle of the planned installation and startup - which proved quite challenging. But thanks to the exemplary input from the customer's specialists, LEDINEK was able to successfully complete the task under circumstances unfamiliar to everyone involved. The programmers and installation consultants managed to upgrade and start up the machines remotely, resulting in extremely productive communication that made it possible to guide the workers over the internet.