Headquartered in Konstanz, Baumer Inspection GmbH is part of the Swiss Baumer Group, a family-run business that supplies high-quality factory automation sensors and systems all over the world. For more than 35 years, the company has specialized in quality assurance for surfaces that satisfies the highest standards in precision. During this time, it has installed over 750 systems, making it one of the leading suppliers of automatic optical inspection systems for process monitoring and error detection. Scanners from Baumer Inspection are used all around the globe to check furniture panels, decorative paper, films, floorboards and the surfaces and edges of furniture parts. The company is at LIGNA 2019 to unveil its innovative inspection system - ColourBrain Furniture 4.0.

According to Baumer Inspection, ColourBrain Furniture 4.0 is a technological trailblazer when it comes to the double-sided inspection of film-coated, melamine-coated and lacquered furniture panels. It can accurately detect the smallest of surface defects - such as bubbles, dents, fine scratches and shiny spots - whether diagonal to or across the feed direction. A drilled hole monitoring option can also be used to make sure holes have been drilled properly and check for profile deviations in pre-milled grooves. ColourBrain Furniture 4.0 is easy to maintain and boasts compact dimensions that minimize the amount of space needed in the feed direction. What’s more, its modular design means it can be easily adapted to suit a variety of customer needs. For instance, this system can be used for error detection and process optimization both in series production and for batch sizes of just one.