TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG is a medium-sized family-owned German company, now in the third generation, that has long been successfully established on the highly competitive power tool market as a specialist for joinery, painting, vehicle spraying, renovation and restoration. By taking over Shaper Tools, Inc. - an innovative startup based in San Francisco, California - it has now further enhanced its portfolio. Its new acquisition is being integrated into the TTS Group as an independent company, thus retaining both the name and the brand.

Shaper Tools, Inc. recently attracted the attention of customers and the industry with its intuitive, mobile "Origin" CNC device. "Origin" enables users to perform even complex milling work quickly, easily and without using templates, whatever the size of the workpiece - all thanks to computer-aided image processing technology that tracks where the tool is on the workpiece and an automatic position correction system that adapts the cutting bit's position to ensure it faithfully follows a digital design. Users' lives are made a whole lot easier this way, as they merely need to guide the device, while "Origin" positions itself fully automatically to perform high-precision milling.