For more than 40 years already Kuhnle, the software forge from "The Länd", offers an industry program for carpenters, which can be adapted optimally to the respective enterprise. In the version Kuhnle NG 2023 presented now the Swabians implemented again some new and useful features. For example, in future it will be possible to save items that have proved particularly successful during post-calculation as favorites. These favorites can then be easily transferred to current orders. At the same time, the user always has an overview of the item's costing details.

The calculation dialogs have also been given a more modern layout, which, in addition to the improved appearance, also results in better processing speed. In order to avoid problems with supply chains as far as possible, which also lead to delays in the trade time and again, an additional check instance has also been integrated in the availability check. Now, the system not only checks the material data record and the warehouse suppliers, but also checks the address data record of the main supplier in a further step. Furthermore, articles from supplier web stores can be transferred directly into the warehouse file with the supplier store interface ComNorm - even without an order (valid from version V.2023). As usual, all innovations are available from Kuhnle both in the NG Professional and in the versions for small businesses.