The FELDER Group is one of Europe's most advanced machinery manufacturers and one of the world's leading suppliers of woodworking machines for skilled craftspeople, trade and industry. True to its reputation, the Austrian-based company recently launched new technologies for high-precision edge banding and optimized workpiece handling.

One example is Format4 edgeControl. Compatible with tempora F600/F800 edgebanders featuring "e-motion" or "x-motion plus" control options (edge thickness measurement only), this innovation is being hailed by FELDER as the world’s first edge and workpiece measurement solution for smart tolerance compensation. A wireless measuring unit transfers the recorded edge and workpiece thickness values - said to be accurate to the hundredth of a millimeter - via Bluetooth to the machine's smartouch operating unit. A controller then sorts them automatically according to workpiece or edge thickness. The operator subsequently selects the desired setting values from the measurement data log with the five most recently measured values, prompting smartouch to automatically calibrate all required units to the exact dimensions. edgeControl is designed to reliably prevent production losses caused by typing/measurement errors and tolerance deviations in edge dimensions.

The newly launched air cushion table from FELDER has also been specially engineered for the tempora F600/F800 edgebanders to help ensure straightforward, careful handling of large and surface-sensitive workpieces. To this end, a constant cushion of air is generated directly on the machine's infeed ruler, more specifically between the machine table and the workpiece resting on top. Particularly when paired with the flexible pull-out frame, this air cushion table, which has a supporting surface of 1,050 x 400 mm (expandable to 2,000 x 400 mm), is said to ensure a high level of stability as workpieces are fed in.

FELDER KG (6060 Hall, Austria)