We live in an age when home improvement stores make DIY enthusiasts believe they can do everything as well as skilled tradesmen. Yet there are still so many things that set professionals apart from amateurs. Take, for example, the kinds of jobs where amateurs simply haven't a clue where to start, such as measuring complex structures. As early as 2007, Flexijet GmbH recognized that even professionals appreciate a helping hand with this kind of work, and since then it has been carrying out pioneering work on digital measuring systems. Over the ten years since it was established, the company has developed Flexijet 3D, a pioneering CAD measuring system for planning, tradeswork and architecture, and a constantly expanding and successful product range built around this system. Professionals and amateurs alike can see what it can do for themselves at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover.

The current version of the Flexijet 3D measuring system sends the results of its precise measurements to the specially developed FlexiCAD software directly on site. This software then uses the data to produce professional three-dimensional CAD drawings in the same step. The complete CAD drawing is thus immediately available for downstream systems in DWG or DXF format. When it comes to actually taking the measurements, the system can handle even difficult areas without the need for any aids such as scaffolding or ladders. Rooms, stories and entire buildings can also be measured, as well as curved shapes, arches and stairs. The option of making an instant visual comparison with the actual objects being measured also makes it virtually impossible to forget measurements - unlike laser scanners, which only provide point clouds. Last but not least, because Flexijet 3D can also be used to project laser-accurate displays of CAD points, it can also speed up installation work very effectively.