When VOLLMER, a specialist manufacturer of grinding and eroding machinery, set about developing the recently launched CHX 840, the company primarily had sharpening shops, sawmills and furniture manufacturers in mind. The new CHX 840 sharpening machine is perfect for processing hard-metal-tipped circular saw blades with a diameter of up to 840 mm used to saw wood, aluminum and metal. Its five CNC-controlled axes enable the solution to fully machine all conventional tooth geometries - including saws with an axial face angle or group toothing. Double grinding wheel technology ensures tooth faces and tooth tops are machined in just one set-up, helping to shorten the machine’s makeready times. Thanks to a diagonally integrated feed pawl with pneumatic lift, even chipper segments don’t pose a problem - be that with or without a reinforcing ring.

What's more, VOLLMER has kitted out the CHX 840 with various automation options to shorten processing and makeready times even further. Customers can opt for an automatic set-up procedure, for example, whereby the machine automatically slides in the saw, recognizes the diameter and utilizes an acoustic sensor. A built-in feed pawl sensor system means operators don't need to enter the tooth pitch. The tooth surface and tooth top are also automatically calibrated, making adjustment errors a thing of the past. The HS workpiece loading device can load the machine with up to 25 circular saw blades and thus ensure the CHX is loaded for up to seven hours without any manual intervention. Stacking the saw blades with intermediate layers during this period stops teeth from becoming chipped and protects the cutting edges. Thanks to various levels of automation, this machine can adapt effectively to customers' specific needs. The recently launched CHX 840 will be joined by yet another model - the CHX 1300 - which can process circular saw blades with a diameter of up to 1,300 millimeters.

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