Comprising a measuring device and specialist CAD software, the Flexijet 3D from Flexijet GmbH is a pioneering CAD measuring system for use in planning, skilled trades and architecture that has received a great deal of praise. Its success is another chapter in the success story of its creators, who started out in 2007 and now sell the measuring systems they manufacture and distribute to customers across the globe. The fast, flexible and precise measuring systems from Flexijet GmbH have become almost irreplaceable assistants, particularly for projects involving planning and construction work on existing buildings. Over the years, the company has consistently expanded its product portfolio, most recently bringing out the next generation of its highly popular Flexijet 3D measuring system, which won the Red Dot Design Award straight after its release.

On show for the first time at LIGNA 2019, the next-generation system is designed to enable anyone - be they a beginner, all-rounder or CAD specialist - to obtain measurements and dimensions with millimeter precision quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively and use them straightaway in CAD. The solution's "measurement drawing" principle offers users a multitude of advantages over conventional measuring techniques and point clouds from laser scanners. Users can also incorporate photos and audio notes into the measurement drawing, meaning they have access to complete documentation directly at the site. The next-generation Flexijet 3D is said to measure even furnished rooms - without the need to shift cumbersome objects or rely on scaffolding, ladders or the like. According to the manufacturer, it can also detect curves, arches and non-angular components quickly and precisely. Last but not least, thanks to its integrated projection function, the Flexijet can also be used as an excellent assembly aid.