Whatever the advances in ease of operation, quality remains paramount. However, anyone using machinery equipped with NEXTEC technology has nothing to worry about, with high-quality components such as covered, hardened and ground linear guideways on all axes delivering precision and operational reliability across many years of service life. With machine frames and supports that are exceptionally robust, NEXTEC machinery ensures excellent processing results. What’s more, ball bearing spindles for the y- and z-axes and ground helical gearings for the gantry drive in the x-direction make for highly precise processing over the whole length of the machine.

That said, the real innovation is the unique HOLZ-HER software that forms the basis for NEXTEC technology. The software makes it easy to select the desired cabinet type on the machine monitor, adjust dimensions if necessary, choose the required panel material and specify the number of units to be produced. This is all that is needed to generate the CNC programming for all the components. Once the required raw panel is positioned on the NEXTEC machining center and the start button is activated, the CNC does the rest - from formatting and drilling all vertical holes and grooves right through to milling Lamello P-System cut-outs at the edges or in x- and y-directions on the surface. Since machining can be completed in a single setup, the process saves time without compromising on quality. The fully machined workpieces are simply removed from the machine table and edged if necessary so that the furniture carcass can be assembled using Lamello P-System connectors.