Companies that want to make optimum use of their waste wood and recycle it sustainably cannot do without shredding and compacting. For more than 40 years, WEIMA has been offering the appropriate machine solutions including conveying technology as a complete package from a single source. The proven single-shaft shredders are part of the basic equipment for many joineries and carpentry stores, furniture and interior design companies, roofers, timber builders, sawmills and, of course, the wood industry. For example, the established WL 4 single-shaft shredder, which is used thousands of times worldwide in woodworking and processing companies and which has been continuously optimized for decades - comparable to a Porsche 911. On the occasion of LIGNA 2023, the shredding specialists from Ilsfeld have now once again given the long-running machine a comprehensive technical update including modern design features. Together with the compact C 150 briquette press, the WL 4 now forms a particularly powerful duo that, according to WEIMA, is all about sustainable energy generation.

Proven technology remains unchanged

The WL 4 single-shaft shredder has a working width of 600 millimeters with a rotor made of solid material, a manually changeable perforated screen for defining the chip size, and a generous feed hopper with free-cutting function to prevent material bridging. In addition, a gearbox specially developed by WEIMA ensures maximum availability and protects against unexpected shocks and vibrations caused by interfering materials. All this is said to make it ideal for small to medium throughputs. Thanks to its compact design, it can be placed directly next to a machining center if required.

Fit for the future

The attributes of durability and robustness, which have always been WEIMA's top priorities, are also to be retained. To ensure that the WL 4 remains well equipped for the years to come, the shredder has undergone a comprehensive technical overhaul for LIGNA 2023. The new base frame of the machine now has a significantly more robust design. This reinforcement is noticeable, for example, in applications such as multiplex. Vibrations have been reduced to a minimum. Another innovation is the maintenance-free V-belt. In the future, the electromechanical drive will operate with even less wear, which reduces maintenance costs. To increase energy efficiency, WEIMA has also improved the hydraulic unit, which is protected in the machine, and optimized the PLC control unit.

Energy self-sufficient heat generation in times of scarce resources

Wood chips from residual wood can be easily burned in heating systems and thus used for energy. Those who want to get even more calorific value out of their waste rely on briquetting. The other advantages are: Volume reduction of up to 80 percent, higher resale values, a significant reduction in dust and explosion hazards, and energy-autonomous heat generation. WEIMA's exhibited C 150 briquette press is the compact machine for small and medium-sized businesses that turns wood shavings, sawdust and dust into round briquettes with a diameter of 50 millimeters. As with all WEIMA presses, compaction is achieved by hydraulic pressure alone. No adhesives or binders are used. According to WEIMA, the lignin naturally occurring in wood is quite sufficient for bonding to produce dimensionally stable wood briquettes.