Many woodturners dream of creating a perfectly round ball. And like so many other things, practice makes perfect, but it's not the be-all and end-all. Professional equipment - such as the ball turning device from Hager Michael Maschinenbau - plays an important role, too. Founded in 1969, this family-owned company is now in its second generation and specializes in turning lathes and matching accessories. Its machinery can be found in industrial production, small trade businesses and even in workshops of avid hobby woodworkers. Its innovative, patented HKD 240 ball turning device even secured the manufacturer the Bavarian State Award. So it’s safe to say woodworkers don't need to worry about getting that perfectly round ball.

The latest addition to its range of accessories - the HKD 120A - is already the company's bestselling ball turning device. Users can create flawlessly round balls quickly and easily. The maximum size of the ball depends entirely on the peak height of the machine and with the HKD 120A, only 57 mm of height is lost. Pivoting the upper steel blade unit around the edges of the clamped wood creates a ball with two small bases. Thanks to the adjusting screws for placing the turning point in the center of the clamps and the various height-adjustable blades, the ball turns out perfectly round every time. What’s more, a configurable brake ensures the wood is delicately machined. With the help of two plastic covers, the ball can then be fixed onto the lathe again for polishing or finishing. To top it all off, the HKD 120A can also be configured to match equipment from other manufacturers, making it the perfect addition to almost any turning lathe.

Hager Michael Maschinenbau (D-84547 Emmerting)