Cyncly - a new brand from Osnabrück-based 20-20 Technologies GmbH - has set out to help companies create extraordinary spaces. Accordingly, the company is also making its debut at LIGNA 2023, where it will unveil what Cyncly says is the first true end-to-end portfolio for furniture manufacturing. Cyncly's software portfolio, which includes 2020, 3CAD, Go2B and Mozaik software products, is designed to help companies maximize the efficiency of machine investments by improving operational efficiency and responsiveness to rapidly changing customer requirements. The company's suite of integrated solutions, including GAE/GAV, ERP, MES, WMS and CAD/CAM solutions, enables users to streamline and accelerate the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

"I can't think of a better place for our first presentation of the Cyncly manufacturing portfolio than at LIGNA," said Karl Fuchs, authorized signatory, senior director sales, Factory EMEA at Cyncly. "Our end-to-end solutions are a new development for the market. These solutions will make a real difference to manufacturers looking to optimize their processes and improve their flexibility. By leveraging the functionality of our leading products such as 2020 Insight, 3CAD, GO2B and Mozaik, furniture manufacturers can get the most out of their machine investments and achieve greater efficiency and profitability."

With its end-to-end software solutions, Cyncly helps manufacturers, as well as consumers, trade partners and installers, create exceptional spaces. Producers receive a complete set of tools that are seamlessly integrated and easy to use, enabling them to optimize their manufacturing processes, streamline workflows, scale production efficiently and reduce costs.

"The limiting factor in maximizing machine performance is usually not the machines, but the ability to respond to changing market demands, which is highly dependent on process flexibility," said Andrea Gnoato, general manager of Kitchen, Bathroom and Furniture Manufacturing at Cyncly. "This is especially true in the age of customization, where batch size one is becoming the new normal. For manufacturers of all sizes - small, medium and large - if their processes don't provide their high-performance machines with the information and materials they need in a timely manner, they lose productivity. That's why we believe our end-to-end offerings will make a critical difference for manufacturers looking to make their production more efficient and profitable."

At LIGNA booth F33 in Hall 15, Cyncly will demonstrate how manufacturers can get the most value from their manufacturing investments by leveraging the power of advanced, comprehensive industry-specific software. Cyncly's solutions offer productivity-enhancing features for furniture manufacturers and the woodworking industry, such as graphical order entry, production planning, production control, cut optimization, working capital management, production control points and other advanced MES features. Incidentally, Cyncly offers an opportunity on its website for anyone interested to register for a free ticket to LIGNA 2023.