Digitization has long since found its way into the skilled trades, where it is exerting an enormous influence on the way for example, carpenters and joiners. Even smaller businesses are increasingly recognizing the opportunities presented by digitally optimized work processes. They are being supported in this by companies such as Martin Maschinenbau from Ottobeuren in Bavaria, which is breaking new ground with its patented ConnectControl concept, is breaking new ground in machine operation and communication.

Martin takes advantage of the fact that modern companies already like to work with mobile computers - usually tablets. On the one hand, all relevant work documents can always be called up ad hoc with the tablet, and on the other hand, it is also, along with the smartphone, a central means of modern communication. Martin has now taken this development a step further and uses the tablet as an extended machine control system. With the tablet, or rather the corresponding app, extensive extensions of the essential machine control are also available on the move, which otherwise runs via a seven-inch screen permanently connected to the machine. In addition, the tablet enables access to centrally managed data such as job data or mold information via the associated cloud application.

The tablet is also the communicative link between planning, employees, machine and job site. As a central work device, the tablet ensures that work processes run perfectly even if, for example, external influences lead to changes in plans at short notice. The cumbersome exchange of outdated work instructions or obsolete drawings is now done with just a few taps of the finger, so everyone has the current status directly at hand at all times.