The HOMAG Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines and systems for the wood processing industry and skilled trades. Visitors need only look at the sheer scale of the group’s LIGNA 2019 showcase to know they're dealing with a true global player. Indeed, HOMAG has managed to single-handedly fill Hall 14 with its innovations - and that's even with some parts of the group left out. With so much on display, visitors are advised to go see each highlight individually to get a good idea of the benefits they can offer. The best example of this is the newly unveiled CNC series, CENTATEQ P-210.

Visitors to LIGNA 2019 will be the first to witness everything this new series has to offer - and live, no less. According to HOMAG, the machines in this series boast a configuration that's anything but standard - featuring a gantry design with a drive unit on both sides, a drilling gear and trimming spindle arranged separately with two independent Z axes, a dynamic field division for shuttle operation and a dual-circuit vacuum system with double-lip technology for infinitely variable adjustment of the clamping equipment. What’s more, the CENTATEQ P-210 can be upgraded with up to 24 tool change slots and a maximum of 21 vertical and 10 horizontal drilling spindles with patented spindle clamps. As if that wasn’t enough, gluing is now part of this all-rounder’s repertoire, too. Despite all that, the CENTATEQ P-210, which is accessible from three sides, has a footprint barely larger than that of its little brother, the P-110.