The SCM Group is one of the world's leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of woodworking machines - and, for more than 30 years now, Germany has been one of the group’s key foreign markets. In fact, from a purely technological standpoint, Germany plays quite a crucial role for the Group, which has sold over 50,000 standard and special machines there to date. To maintain this hard-earned market position, SCM is upping the ante yet again and showcasing flexible systems for industrial edge banding from a batch size of one - all under the banner of "On the leading edge banding". Taking center stage is the new "stefani cell" concept, which integrates the actual (squaring) edge banding machines into cells and plants that feature robot assistance and IoT sensors in addition to being equipped with roller conveyors, panel return devices, and automated loading and unloading systems.

The stefani cell range is currently divided into three lines - E, S and H(+). stefani cell E is designed to combine the customized mass-production of non-sized panels with a compact overall design, making it accessible to SMEs. The new all-in-one solution stefani cell S, on the other hand, requires a somewhat larger investment and is a step up from its entry-level counterpart. Sporting a single-operator design, it also delivers immediate business advantages, especially in semi-intensive production environments or with varying production batches. Finally, according to SCM, stefani cell H(+) promises maximum productivity, a high degree of customization and excellent machining quality. This model can be configured with either semi-automatic or fully automatic panel feeding systems to offer a variety of production levels. It is also designed to make light work of both industrial-level production volumes and highly diverse production batches.