LEUCO, a brand of Ledermann GmbH & Co. KG, claims to be one of the world's leading suppliers of end-to-end tool solutions and intelligent services for the wood processing industry. The company works closely with the industry to develop carbide and diamond-tipped circular saw blades, wood chippers, bore-type and shank-type tools, drills, turning plates and clamping devices. LEUCO's vision is to optimize its customers’ processes and open up fresh scope for using the ever-growing range of materials in its portfolio, which is rounded off with comprehensive advice, an excellent resharpening service and future-focused tool management solutions.

Most recently, the tool specialist launched two DP DIAREX combination shank-type router bits that can rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise for sizing and joining board materials on CNC machines with console tables. These innovations, which were developed in-house, have both a counter-clockwise rotating and clockwise rotating cutting segment, each of which can be used by vertically shifting them along the Z axis and changing the direction of rotation. Particularly when processing worktop corner connections, this is said to ensure tear-free cutting of the visible edge by routing both sides with a conventional cut using just one router bit. As a result, users no longer require two separate tools - which eliminates changeover times - and gain extra space on the tool changer. The tried-and-tested DIAREX cutting edge geometry featuring large opposing shear angles is designed to ensure exceptionally clean edges, even in the case of fragile coatings. The base body's compact design, meanwhile, makes the router bit a highly stable, smooth-running piece of kit. The next-generation router bits from LEUCO are available from stock in two sizes - one for processing boards up to 19 mm thick and another for boards measuring up to 32 mm in thickness.

Ledermann GmbH & Co. KG (72160 Horb, Germany)
Website: www.leuco.com