Sugimat, headquartered in Spain, has spent more than 40 years focusing on developing customized projects to meet all kinds of heat generation requirements. The company excels at designing, constructing and installing turnkey solutions using renewable energies. Its portfolio covers ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) systems for complete plants, thermal oil boilers, waste-to-energy plants and biomass-fired energy plants. Over the years, Sugimat has completed more than 3,000 installations in 28 countries in fields ranging from chemicals to solar thermal technology and biomass. At LIGNA 2019, the company is showcasing its pioneering Artificial Vision development project, which is on the brink of going to market and is ultimately designed to function as a self-management system for biomass furnaces.

The project builds on Sugimat's mission to continuously channel state-of-the-art technologies into optimizing the combustion process in furnaces, which includes improving their response to varying energy and fuel demands. Artificial Vision represents a determined endeavor to spearhead a new, improved means of controlling combustion to fine-tune the performance of furnaces. The method also reduces the time generally required for monitoring plants and can be tailored to suit specific needs. The first Artificial Vision prototypes are already up and running successfully at the Garnica Plywood plants in France and Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom.