GM Waagen GmbH is an up-and-coming start-up that emerged from the former GM Messtechnik UG. Based in Cologne, it focuses on developing specific, customized and in some cases highly specialized scales. The company is committed to finding the optimum solution, so customers can rest assured it won't stop until it has satisfactorily solved every aspect of a problem. At this year's LIGNA in Hannover, GM Waagen will be talking for the first time about a challenging project that it is soon set to finalize.

Manufacturing MDF or chipboard panels involves scattering various materials over a conveyor belt, pre-compacting them and then compressing them. It is extremely important to apply chips and wood fibers as evenly as possible and in the correct quantities over the belt. Applying too much material would mean unnecessary waste, while too little or uneven application would be detrimental to the end product's quality. The platform scale on show at LIGNA 2019 is designed to offer the perfect solution to this challenge. Incorporating the measurements it has taken into the control system, it regulates the weight per square meter with the utmost precision. Once they have been compressed, the panels are cut to size and then weighed and selected based on the same principle. The new Trigular measuring frame with transverse and longitudinal links, which can be designed with a mesh or plastic belt, a wooden table or even a roller conveyor, is vital for these processes.