HDS-Group GmbH has built up a strong reputation in the industry for developing, designing, manufacturing and selling machine tools for the sawmill sector. Its products, many of which the company has brought to Hannover for LIGNA 2017, can be used in plants manufactured by Baljer & Zembrod, Bruks, Carmanah Kadant, Costa Righi, EWD, Haas, Hombak, Holtec, Hundegger, Kallfass, Klöckner, Linck, Möhringer, Pallmann, Paul, Raimann, Rudnick & Enners, SAB, Söderhamn, Springer, USNR, Vecoplan and Veisto HewSaw.

In line with its slogan "HDS. THE SAWMILL TOOL COMPANY", the product range comprises TCT- and ST-tipped circular saw blades, segments and gang saw blades, clipping circular saw blades for log yards, butt end reducers, chipper knives, profiler knives, hogging knives, counter knives, flaker knives for the chipboard and OSB board industry, distance rings, machine parts, milling shaft butt end reducers, chipper canters and profile cutters. As a first for LIGNA, the new ThermoCut sawmill knives are being unveiled under the banner "The red ones - designed by HDS-Group GmbH". Produced in a distinctive red color, these knives are designed for use in both normal and difficult working conditions, such as when processing dirty, very dry or even frozen wood. According to HDS Group, a special heat treatment ensures that the ThermoCut sawmill knives exhibit the correct hardness, bending strength and fracture resistance for extreme conditions, too.