SERRA - one of Germany's most innovative companies, according to the judges of the "Top 100" competition - specializes in sawmill technology and in particular in horizontal band saws. However, it is increasingly also becoming the go-to company for high-performance mobile sawmills. These products help cut down on product miles, as they are taken to the raw material (wood) rather than the other way around. Predominantly used in contract sawmilling, mobile sawmills are usually powered by electric motors, often in combination with suitable generators that produce the electricity on site. Alternatively, some versions are equipped with a combustion engine.

To ensure the sawmills are as mobile as possible, they are usually designed to be transported by car, which means they are restricted to the maximum towing weight of 3.5 metric tons. Naturally, that has implications for the power and performance of the mobile sawmill. However, SERRA started to wonder what the point is in having a lightweight mobile saw that is only ever towed by a heavy tractor or truck. That question ultimately led to the development of the new XT 135 model. The new product is based directly on the heavy stationary XE models and features an extremely robust build. The XT 135 is designed to offer unlimited equipment options and aims to impress with its sheer performance data. For instance it processes logs up to 135 cm in diameter, has a large cutting length thanks to a hydraulically foldable extension, boasts a variable saw head with plenty of space above the saw blade, offers easy access to the saw blade through a hydraulic lid opening, and the weather cover on the lockable operator station even provides a little bit of shelter.

SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH (83253 Rimsting, Germany)