BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY s.r.o., based in Bratislava, Slovakia, specializes in customized development of laser cutting machines and industrial laser applications. The company is involved primarily in developing special laser solutions for wood processing but is also active in the automotive and healthcare sectors and other industries where laser applications have so far been little used. BLT WoodCut, which is being premiered at LIGNA 2017, is a revolutionary patented technology specially developed for optimum cutting of wet and dry wood up to 80 millimeters thick and with a maximum moisture content of 80 percent.

This new production line consists of a combination of scanning and X-ray solutions, laser cutting and robot-automated handling of wood materials that is probably unique. The main advantage of the BLT technology is significantly increased production volumes, coupled with minimized waste wood and greatly enhanced product quality. With up to 170 products in a production cycle, the BLT technology offers outstanding versatility and impressive cutting precision with a cutting width of 0.3 millimeters instead of the standard 3-4 millimeters. By supporting cutting in the XY axis in any direction, the BLT technology also opens up new possibilities for optimizing wood processing.