Each and every day, the surface specialists at Hesse produce some 100 metric tons of lacquers and stains based on 45,000 different formulations. The proportion of solvent-free, environmentally friendly options is increasing all the time. One remaining problem, though, was how to pinpoint the exact shade required by the customer from the huge number of possibilities - reliably, reproducibly and without disproportionate effort.

Hesse is now confident it has the answer. The smart and extremely compact COLOR Reader color selection device scans a sample of the required shade in seconds at the touch of a button and then transmits the data via Bluetooth to an Apple or Android smartphone. The associated app searches the Hesse cloud database and displays the best results on the smartphone, complete with Hesse article number. The database currently includes around 5,000 RAL Classic, RAL Design and NCS S shades.

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