Leave it to the laser!
Epilog Laser is at LIGNA 2019 to showcase its new Fusion Pro laser machine, which can achieve exceptionally high speeds, boasts a large work area and ensures outstanding engraving quality.

Headquartered in the United States, Epilog Laser is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of CO2 and fiber laser systems for engraving, cutting and marking. To better serve and support its European distribution channels, Epilog opened a European head office in the Dutch municipality of Houten in 2016. Using this as a base, the company aims to show everyone what state-of-the-art lasers can do when it comes processing wood, such as providing a simple means of cutting the material. For instance, molds and models developed on computers take shape in next to no time - all at just the touch of a button. The same applies to games, jewelry and 3D images. As such, lasers have the potential to open up whole new fields of business in sectors such as architecture and design. In keeping with the trade fair’s main focus – smart surface technologies – Epilog is at LIGNA 2019 to showcase the new Fusion Pro.

Thanks to its 5G acceleration and 165 IPS engraving speeds, this innovative laser machine is said to be the industry's fastest device to date. Not only that, but it boasts an exceptionally large work area and delivers outstanding engraving quality. What’s more, the on-board IRIS camera positioning system enables users to precisely position the desired images on the object in a matter of seconds. The Epilog Fusion Pro is available in two models - the 32 and 48 - as appropriate to the size of the relevant work area. It can also be configured with laser sources of varying strengths, with the "DUAL" version offering both CO2 and fiber laser sources.

Epilog Laser (3991 CD Houten, Netherlands), Hall 11, Stand E61
Contact: Emma Oltmans
Tel.: +31 30 7602998
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Compressing both air and costs!
An enhanced airend and further optimizations make the impressive new DSD rotary screw compressors KAESER is showcasing at LIGNA 2019 more efficient than ever.

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is a global provider of products, services and turnkey systems for supplying energy in the form of compressed air for manufacturing and work processes. All KAESER solutions - from actually generating compressed air to its treatment and distribution - are geared to optimum overall efficiency, which helps make users more competitive. It goes without saying that this also applies to the wood processing industry, for which KAESER supplies fully customized compressed air solutions - from reciprocating compressors to highly efficient Industry 4.0-compatible compressed air systems with remote monitoring. KAESER's new and far more efficient DSD rotary screw compressors are among its exhibits at this year’s LIGNA.

Refining the actual rotary airend - the very place the compressed air is produced - and optimizing the Sigma profile of rotary screw compressors from 75 kilowatts upward boosts their specific power by up to twelve percent. The new DSD rotary screw compressors as well as the ESD and FSD series are therefore set to impress with their far better efficiency and increased flow rate, which can also have a very positive impact on the energy cost balance.

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SE (96450 Coburg, Germany), Hall 15, Stand D13
Contact: Daniela Koehler
Tel.: +49 9561 640-452
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Totally automatic!
A pioneer in forward-looking technologies such as 3D metal printing and the construction of customized turnkey robotics solutions, MBFZ toolcraft GmbH is looking to demonstrate at LIGNA 2019 how efficiently processes that have so far been performed manually can be automated.

Among other things, visitors to the fair in Hannover can discover how toolcraft engineers ensured that Sanipa, a manufacturer of premium bathroom furniture, can now manufacture its products at the touch of a button. Sanipa contacted toolcraft to help it automate previously manual processes. The automated solutions it obtained were a six-axis picking robot from Fanuc (R-2000iC/125L) - which operates on an existing CNC machining cell, where it picks up parts, feeds them into a labeling station and then sets them down at a specified location - and a robot cell that assembles drawers automatically. In the drawer cell, another Fanuc robot (M-20iB/25) picks up the drawer components from a conveyor belt and places them in a press, where the bases and rear panels are screwed together and the frames and inserts are assembled in a fully automated process. This means bathroom furniture can be manufactured in a batch size of one at the touch of a button.

According to toolcraft, constructing multi-purpose production facilities not only consigns time-consuming, monotonous manual processes to the past, but also achieves more consistent results than manual operations. "In line with the client’s requirements, we developed a concept which covers and automates all the steps involved," explains toolcraft's head of engineering and robotics Thomas Wieland, referring to the fact that the automated solutions must be capable of machining parts of numerous different weights and sizes, which vary in increments of one millimeter (batch size 1). In the case of the picking robot, the milled components are fed through the CNC machining cell unsorted, again in batches of one. Configured interfaces communicate the positions of the components to ensure a reliable separation process. Completion of the relevant machining work triggers automated feedback to the customer's ERP system. In the second system, the drawer components are inserted into the supply units by hand. A hand-held scanner identifies these components and automatically checks them against the parts list. In this case, too, the customer’s ERP system automatically receives feedback once the drawer has been completed.

MBFZ toolcraft GmbH (91166 Georgensgmünd, Germany), Hall 15, Stand F84/1
Contact: Tina Hartmann-H'Lawatscheck
Tel.: +49 9172 69 56-172
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Weigh to win!
Start-up company GM Waagen GmbH is at LIGNA 2019 to exhibit a platform scale that is set to be launched soon and is designed to optimize the even application of materials when manufacturing MDF and chipboard panels.

GM Waagen GmbH is an up-and-coming start-up that emerged from the former GM Messtechnik UG. Based in Cologne, it focuses on developing specific, customized and in some cases highly specialized scales. The company is committed to finding the optimum solution, so customers can rest assured it won't stop until it has satisfactorily solved every aspect of a problem. At this year's LIGNA in Hannover, GM Waagen will be talking for the first time about a challenging project that it is soon set to finalize.

Manufacturing MDF or chipboard panels involves scattering various materials over a conveyor belt, pre-compacting them and then compressing them. It is extremely important to apply chips and wood fibers as evenly as possible and in the correct quantities over the belt. Applying too much material would mean unnecessary waste, while too little or uneven application would be detrimental to the end product’s quality. The platform scale on show at LIGNA 2019 is designed to offer the perfect solution to this challenge. Incorporating the measurements it has taken into the control system, it regulates the weight per square meter with the utmost precision. Once they have been compressed, the panels are cut to size and then weighed and selected based on the same principle. The new Trigular measuring frame with transverse and longitudinal links, which can be designed with a mesh or plastic belt, a wooden table or even a roller conveyor, is vital for these processes.

GM Waagen GmbH (50825 Cologne, Germany), Hall 26, Stand B15/1
Contact: Andrea Middendorf
Tel.: +49 2238 845-14
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This is no run-of-the-mill milling machine!
Master carpenter Burkhard Bessler and his team set out to develop a machine made of a material they know well. Now, at LIGNA 2019, Bessler’s sales partner GEWEMA is unveiling the results - two models of a wooden CNC milling machine.

Master carpenter Burkhard Bessler has been collecting valuable experience in his own business for over a quarter-century. For him, sustainable wood processing is a top priority. Luckily, he and his team have more than just enthusiasm for their work. They're also full of creative ideas. Taking into account the needs of the end user, they have developed a straightforward machine concept that aims to plug a gap in the market - a CNC milling machine made of phenolic-resin-coated multiplex boards that can be completely disassembled if necessary. It also features a polymer concrete base frame to provide the necessary mass.

The two models on show at LIGNA 2019 - the "KOMPAKT" and "SPEED" - differ in terms of possible processing sizes and the travel speeds of their axes. They are available exclusively through GEWEMA outlets as a complete package including control system and CAD and CAM programs. Both models operate according to the "one cutter principle", meaning all possible products can be manufactured from board materials. These exhibits are primarily aimed at smaller companies that have, till now, felt intimidated by CNC technology. These businesses can also benefit from the models' compact design, which makes them perfect for even cramped environments and eliminates the need for a large extraction system or compressor.

GEWEMA AG (85737 Ismaning, Germany), Hall 12, Stand D85
Contact: Burkhard Bessler
Tel.: +49 231 58946400
Mobile: +49 177 415 46 79
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Innovation beyond measure!
SEMA GmbH is celebrating its 35th anniversary at LIGNA 2019, where the latest iteration of its software suite, version 19-2, is making its trade fair debut.

The SEMA Group is one of the world’s leading providers of software solutions and supplementary services for timber construction, staircase design and sheet metal processing. Thanks to the modular design of its software, which features components for planning, design, visualization, evaluation and production, along with variable master data, this innovative suite can be adapted perfectly to customer requirements, making it ideal for small-scale workshops and industrial operations alike. In celebration of its 35th anniversary, SEMA is at LIGNA 2019 to showcase version 19-2 of its software suite, which boasts a whole host of exciting new features, including a 3D laser measuring system with point clouds.

The point clouds generated by a 3D laser scanner can be used as a basis when designing renovations and other construction work on existing buildings. Not only that, but this latest software update ensures users can import these point clouds directly into the SEMA software and process them there. In this way, any cross-sections of the scan can be generated in the program at the touch of a button, and all the relevant measurement points can be identified quickly and easily. Point clouds offer a whole host of benefits that can be used within the software for planning and engineering work - these include minimal measuring deviations, measurements that accurately reflect deformation, area and distance measurements, and the ability to create as-built plans and visualize buildings and virtual walk-throughs. With this latest update, SEMA is determined to set a new standard when it comes to handling 3D digital data and processing it further using CAD software.

SEMA GmbH (87499 Wildpoldsried, Germany), Hall 13, Stand E19
Contact: Joachim Schwarz
Tel.: +49 8304 939-0
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A window of opportunity
Presenting an exceptionally wide range of solutions at LIGNA 2019, Klaes is keen to help its customers harness digitalization in all areas of business. Highlights include the connector for the Siebert Scale window measurement app and a live presentation of Klaes 3D with an augmented reality solution.

Klaes has earned itself a reputation as a world-leader when it comes to innovative software solutions for the windows, doors, facades and conservatories market thanks to its portfolio of clever solutions that ensure structures and their components can be efficiently integrated into a common workflow. The two innovations that Klaes is presenting at LIGNA 2019 are prime examples. The first - an augmented reality solution for Klaes 3D - can be used to produce impressive visualizations on a standard tablet or smartphone. The second - the connector for the Siebert Scale window measurement app - is to help ensure even the construction site itself can be digitally incorporated into the workflow.

Klaes 3D, the go-to solution for conservatories and facades of all material types, is also often used by customers for structures other than windows, with free-standing pergola systems, terrace roofs, canopies, dormers, all-glass sliding solutions, railings and even fences having reportedly been designed and efficiently processed. Eager to help its customers produce lifelike depictions of such complex structures on-site, Klaes is at LIGNA 2019 to reveal its augmented reality solution that allows users to add on a virtual conservatory to a house, for example. The company is inviting visitors to try out its 21st-century crystal ball and inspect the intersections of a conservatory visualized in comprehensive detail.

Also celebrating its first LIGNA appearance this year is the Klaes Siebert Scale Connector. Destined to make the error-prone paper-and-pen approach to surveying windows and doors a thing of the past, this measurement app combines construction elements with the necessary measurements taken by a laser distance meter to suit the installation scenario and allows users to add comments, photos and videos. To make it even easier for Klaes customers to use Siebert Scale, users can transfer the relevant project data to the app so they can set to work straightaway. The captured data is then fed back to Klaes, where it can be used for other purposes without delay.

Horst Klaes GmbH & Co KG (53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany), Hall 27, Stand D67
Contact: Stefan Müller
Tel.: +49 2641 909-2660
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Get in line for this innovation
Elried is at LIGNA 2019 to present the "edding in-line 12" printing system it has developed in collaboration with edding. The printer's network connectivity, in particular, is designed to help boost production efficiency and eliminate coding errors - in true Industry 4.0 fashion.

Elried Markierungssysteme GmbH is a leading supplier in the industrial marking and coding sector. Split into two business units - "marking and export coding" and "product and package coding" - the company adopts very different approaches to place the relevant content on products and packaging as appropriate to the relevant requirements. At LIGNA 2019, Elried is training the spotlight on new inkjet marking systems for applying variable data such as IPPC, CE or corporate logos to wood.

One example is the highly integrated "edding in-line 12" printing system, which it developed with edding for easy installation into new and existing production plants. Thanks to edding's ink expertise, the "in-line 12" can not only print on wood, but virtually every other material, including cardboard, plastic, glass and metal. What's more, its creators promise this printer features three other distinctive advantages. Firstly, this device, manufactured in Germany, is exceptionally reliable thanks to its sturdy aluminum casing. It is also user-friendly, as it can be installed and operated without help from a technician or the need for training. Moreover, this compact printer boasts extensive communication skills that enable it to connect with machines up- and downstream via various inputs and outputs. Last but not least, the system can be fully integrated into existing networks and comes as a complete package with all required accessories.

Elried Markierungssysteme GmbH (82041 Oberhaching, Germany), Hall 16, Stand A22/1
Contact: Stephanie Seydel
Tel.: +49 89 613764-14
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Time to get the BBQ out!
Keen to tackle the difficulties in producing biochar, POLYTECHNIK Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH has optimized the process to ensure its future on the European market. The company is now unveiling the fruits of its labor at LIGNA 2019.

Conventionally, biochar is produced by using pyrolysis to char purely plant-based raw materials - but this has typically led to two major problems. Firstly, this method creates waste gases that are incompatible with European environmental standards. Secondly, the amount of energy lost accounts for up to two thirds of the raw material used. The cutting-edge plant technology developed by POLYTECHNIK Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH now promises to resolve these issues - and it's on show for the first time ever at LIGNA 2019 in Hannover.

The revamped process is designed to ensure the production of biochar, which has been largely abandoned in Europe, makes a comeback on this huge sales market and that the relevant raw materials are therefore used close to their source. POLYTECHNIK believes the most important areas of application will be the production of barbecue coal for consumers, the manufacture of biochar for improving soil quality (terra preta), and the making of top-quality coal products for industry.

POLYTECHNIK Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH (2564 Weissenbach, Austria), Hall 25, Stand K22
Contact: Thomas Hofmann
Tel.: +43 2672 8900
Mobile: +43 676 84910465
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These machines do everything but plant the trees!
The HOMAG Group is returning to LIGNA 2019 to showcase a wide array of exhibits, including its new CNC series, CENTATEQ P-210. Visitors have the chance to see everything this new range has to offer in live demonstrations.

The HOMAG Group is one of the world’'s leading manufacturers of machines and systems for the wood processing industry and skilled trades. Visitors need only look at the sheer scale of the group's LIGNA 2019 showcase to know they're dealing with a true global player. Indeed, HOMAG has managed to single-handedly fill Hall 14 with its innovations - and that's even with some parts of the group left out. With so much on display, visitors are advised to go see each highlight individually to get a good idea of the benefits they can offer. The best example of this is the newly unveiled CNC series, CENTATEQ P-210.

Visitors to LIGNA 2019 will be the first to witness everything this new series has to offer - and live, no less. According to HOMAG, the machines in this series boast a configuration that's anything but standard - featuring a gantry design with a drive unit on both sides, a drilling gear and trimming spindle arranged separately with two independent Z axes, a dynamic field division for shuttle operation and a dual-circuit vacuum system with double-lip technology for infinitely variable adjustment of the clamping equipment. What's more, the CENTATEQ P-210 can be upgraded with up to 24 tool change slots and a maximum of 21 vertical and 10 horizontal drilling spindles with patented spindle clamps. As if that wasn't enough, gluing is now part of this all-rounder's repertoire, too. Despite all that, the CENTATEQ P-210, which is accessible from three sides, has a footprint barely larger than that of its little brother, the P-110.

HOMAG Group AG (72296 Schopfloch, Germany), Hall 14, Stand H34
Contact: Julia Weber
Tel.: +49 7443 13 0
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Cells that exCell
The Zimmer Group is bringing a scaled-down model of its newly developed Multi processCell to LIGNA 2019. This multifunctional robotic processing cell has been designed for the kind of workpieces typically found in the furniture industry.

The newly developed Multi processCell from the Zimmer Group is a multifunctional robotic processing cell said to be perfect for processing board-type workpieces made of wood, wood-based materials, composite materials and aluminum. According to the Zimmer Group, this patent-pending cell is primarily intended for small volumes down to a batch size of one. It consists of two central units - one highly flexible transport module and one processing module featuring two industrial robots.

The transport module takes care of workpiece transport within the cell, linking the loading and unloading stations with the processing and measuring stations. The individually controlled transport units (shuttles) can be used as masters or slaves depending on the requirements and are designed to operate either separately or in tandem. This eliminates the need for rigidly linked transport - via a continuous conveyor belt, for example. The central processing module features two industrial robots, each equipped with a multi-functional machining unit. Both robots work together to minimize machining tolerances in a small space where the workpiece is temporarily stopped within the otherwise continuous process. This solution from the Zimmer Group is designed to be scalable, quick and highly flexible, and can also be connected directly to an MES system. Not only that, but the machine control system can clearly identify the individual workpieces via a barcode, ensuring comprehensive production checks and outstanding production quality.

Zimmer Group (77866 Rheinau, Germany), Hall 11, Stand A02
Contact: Gregor Neumann
Tel.: +49 7243 727-2451
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LIGNA's got cabin fever!
As an importer for world-leading manufacturer of forestry machinery JOHN DEERE, NUHN is bringing skidders, harvesters and forwarders to the LIGNA 2019 open-air site, while also showcasing a brand-new fixed cabin model for all JOHN DEERE forwarders.

NUHN GmbH is an importer for the U.S. forestry and agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere. Alongside a wide array of heavy machinery, the company is also showcasing a newly designed cabin model for John Deere forwarders on the LIGNA open-air site this year. Set to be launched at the end of spring 2019, this fixed cabin is, first and foremost, a reliable and affordable alternative to the rotating and leveling cabin and is suitable for all forwarder models. Despite sporting a simpler design, this new cabin is said to provide drivers with a high level of comfort under ideal ergonomic conditions, along with a whole host of other advantages. As a result, these fixed cabins naturally offer a cost-effective alternative for fields of work where the benefits of a rotating and leveling cabin cannot be adequately utilized. In fact, this new cabin provides so many advantages - particularly when compared to the previous model - that we couldn't possibly list them all here. So pay a visit to LIGNA and see for yourself!

NUHN GmbH & Co. KG (36272 Niederaula, Germany), open-air site, Stand P61
Contact: Karsten Kromm
Tel.: +49 6625 9152-0
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Hit the front page!
Taking center stage at the BM stand and striking a pose for their very own cover shot, captured by professional photographer Marco Leibetseder, has become something of a tradition for regular visitors to LIGNA. Also making the headlines is BM's competition at the event, with some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

With a readership of close to 60,000 for each issue, German trade magazine "BM Innenausbau / Möbel / Bauelemente" boasts the largest number of subscribers in its category and is a must-read for anyone who makes their living in furniture, interior fittings or producing, installing and selling building components. BM's online offering - www.bm-online.de - is also becoming increasingly popular, with editor-in-chief Christian Närdemann and his team looking to use the website's cutting-edge visuals, in-depth content, excellent utility value, informative clips and wide-ranging services to set new standards in the industry. Well over 50,000 unique users per month and a Facebook community that is growing all the time prove the creators of BM online are on the right track.

Anyone heading for the BM stand in Hall 12 at LIGNA is also making a good move. Top photographer Marco Leibetseder is once again ready and waiting to turn ordinary individuals into the cover star of their very own issue of BM. Naturally, all the right carpentry tools are also on hand for the professional shoot to perfectly capture a passion for craftsmanship. Visitors to LIGNA 2019 can take away their own personal high-gloss cover page hot off the press as well as downloading it in real time and sharing it online. To round things off perfectly, BM's partner Ostermann is offering an attractive gift. And with a little luck, there’s also a chance of winning big in BM's fantastic trade show competition. Prizes include a wireless compact grinder with mobile extractor as well as clamp sets and sturdy angle screwdrivers.

Konradin-Verlag Robert Kohlhammer GmbH (70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany), Hall 12, Stand D75
Contact: Christian Närdemann
Tel.: +49 711 7594-264
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Prepare to shine with perfectly matt surfaces!
At LIGNA 2019, IST Metz is using a specially manufactured transportation system to showcase its wide-ranging portfolio of UV, LED and Excimer technology for curing, gelling and matting coatings and varnishes on wood and wood-based materials.

Based in Nürtingen, not far from Stuttgart, IST Metz GmbH develops, manufactures and sells UV curing systems for energy technology, electronics, display, medical, automotive, cosmetics, metal and flooring applications and also, of course, the wood processing industry. Some 40 years since it started out, the company now boasts the world's largest range of high-performance UV lamp and UV LED systems for curing inks, varnishes, adhesives and silicones. Its portfolio is rounded off by Excimer technology for matting, cleaning and modifying surfaces. IST Metz is using a specially manufactured transportation system to showcase both its UV and Excimer prowess at LIGNA 2019 in Hannover.

Three meters in length, the highlight of the UV specialist's stand in Hall 17 links a total of three units, each with 1,400 millimeters of lamps. First comes the LAMPcure BLK unit with a long-wave gallium lamp that influences both the viscosity of the coating and its reactivity to the light emitted by the Excimer lamp. This unit was developed for the toughest industrial requirements, and an LED version - LEDcure - with a wavelength of 365, 385 or 395 nanometers is also available for a variety of applications. Since gelling affects the feel of the varnish, even after curing, additional properties such as a soft-touch surface and an anti-fingerprint effect can be achieved. The Excimer unit's lamps operate at a wavelength of 172 nanometers, which emits sufficient high-energy radiation to trigger a polymerization process in the uppermost part of a layer of UV-curable coating. Due to the low penetration depth of the UV radiation emitted, this process leaves behind a thin film on the wet coating without affecting the layers below. The formation of a film leads to micro-folds close to the surface, which gives it a matt appearance. This matt texture can be made permanent during final curing in the third unit using conventional LAMPcure technology. The end result is a deep matt surface finish with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.

IST Metz GmbH (72622 Nürtingen, Germany), Hall 17, Stand B02/1
Contact: Andreas Bosse
Tel.: +49 7022 6002-758
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Barking up the right tree!
The SVLFG is showcasing an innovation in forestry and horticulture at this year's LIGNA - a remote-control felling wedge designed to enable chainsaw operators to fell trees from a safe distance.

At first glance, there’s sometimes no obvious connection between an exhibitor and the product it has on show. Visitors to LIGNA 2019 in Hannover, the world's leading trade fair for woodworking and timber processing, could well wonder about the link at the KFW Business Pavilion, where hands-on forestry technology is being exhibited at the SVLFG (Social Insurance for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture) stand. Normally responsible for accident, health and nursing care insurance in the agricultural industry and pension provision for farmers, the German social insurance organization is this year presenting an innovative remote-control wedge for felling trees safely.

According to the SVLFG, these remote-control felling wedges, which enable chainsaw operators to fell trees from a safe distance, are ready for immediate use and represent a prime example of motor-manual felling away from the tree to help prevent accidents. In addition to the benefits of this new tree-felling technique, the SVLFG is also using LIGNA 2019 to demonstrate how using two poles makes it possible to safely cut trees that are either leaning backwards or standing straight.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft forstwirtschaftlicher Lohnunternehmer AfL Niedersachsen e.V. (37077 Göttingen, Germany), Sozialversicherung für Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Gartenbau SVLFG (34131 Kassel, Germany), Pavilion P33, Stand A01, co-exhibitor at the KWF Business Pavilion
Contact: Dr. Erich Koch
Tel.: +49 561 785-0
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Edge sanding machine that has the edge
MB Maschinenbau GmbH is at LIGNA 2019 to premiere the ROBA REP edge sanding machine. This innovative solution utilizes automatic width detection for workpieces, furniture doors and interior doors so users can achieve high-quality, high-throughput sanding performance from a batch size of one.

Sometimes it's all about the details - the finer points that outsiders have no idea about but can really present problems for specialists. Take, for example, sanding the edges of the solid wood and MDF doors used on furniture and in home interiors. Sanding straight or profiled workpiece edges in ever-changing dimensions is indeed a major challenge in terms of results and effectiveness. As a specialist in sanding machines based on brush technology, MB Maschinenbau GmbH is well aware of this challenge and is meeting it head on with the ROBA REP edge sanding machine, which is being unveiled at LIGNA 2019.

Right from the outset, the aim was that the new ROBA REP edge sanding machine should be able to sand internal doors and furniture doors to a high-quality standard and with a high throughput from a batch size of one. As a result, a new concept first had to be developed. The workpieces are now measured on the fly using automatic width detection, and the processing units are then positioned with high-speed servo axes. This means the workpieces can be placed very close together as they are carried through the system, which boosts throughput. A rapid recirculation conveyor can be used when sanding workpieces on all sides. All systems are operated with step-in and step-out control to protect the edge corners.

MB Maschinenbau GmbH (32051 Herford, Germany), Hall 17, Stand A46
Contact: Ronald Busch
Tel.: +49 5221 994130
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Plane sailing
WEINIG is at LIGNA 2019 to showcase the Powermat 3000, an ideal solution for series production with high surface quality. Its modular design and numerous options enable a wide range of applications, as well as ensuring impressive cost-efficiency and value retention.

The WEINIG Group is the world's largest manufacturer of machines and systems for solid wood processing. A number of individual specialist companies offer a range of products under the WEINIG brand, covering every link in the process chain, from the raw material to the end product. The Group is at LIGNA 2019 with an extensive selection of exhibits, including numerous trade fair premieres such as the innovative Powermat 3000 planing machine.

According to the manufacturer, the Powermat 3000 offers the ideal basis for series production with maximum surface quality - regardless of the application. After all, the extensive modular system behind the Powermat 3000 ensures it can be customized to meet requirements in terms of quality, flexibility and performance. However, the bedrock of this solution's high standards is its intelligent machine concept. A robust machine base integrates high-quality components that combine with user-friendly settings and intuitive machine control to produce a machine that is easy to set up. For customers, this means minimal setup times, high operator safety, higher than average machine availability and cost-effective production - all accompanied by the renowned WEINIG surface quality.

Michael Weinig AG (97941 Tauberbischofsheim, Germany), Hall 27, Stand E60
Contact: Klaus Müller
Tel.: +49 9341 86-1125
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For movers and shakers
The LH 50 M Timber material handling machine from Liebherr, on show at LIGNA 2019, promises reliability and optimum driving comfort, according to its manufacturer. It is also set to impress with its low fuel consumption and excellent performance.

The Liebherr Group now comprises over 130 companies all over the world and has a workforce of more than 46,000 employees. This family-run business is one of the world's largest construction machine manufacturers and, what's more, is also renowned in many other sectors as a supplier of technically sophisticated, user-oriented products and services. Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH is on the open-air site at LIGNA 2019 in Hannover to showcase a range of specialist machinery for the wood processing industry, including the LH 50 M Timber material handling machine.

The LH 50 M Timber is specially designed for challenging timber handling tasks. It is equipped with a straight, 6.7-meter-long boom, a 4.3-meter-long angled stick and a Liebherr GMH 80 wood grab with a capacity of 2.5 cubic meters. The configuration is rounded off by the LFC 120 rigid cab elevation. A new, clever, space-saving access system with integrated treads and 10° inclination aims to ensure easy access to the cab and enhance safety. Meanwhile, the adaptive mudguards offer maximum splash protection, regardless of the travel direction, thanks to their symmetrical design.

The SCRFilter developed by Liebherr means that the LH 50 M Timber now meets Stage V exhaust emissions limits. Its engine output is 10 kW higher than the previous model and is intended to ensure higher torque and more powerful movement without load peaks. Last but not least, the four-wheel steering of the LH 50 M Timber, which is included as standard, delivers great agility and maneuverability, even in the tight space of a timber yard, while also increasing driving stability and improving directional stability.

Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH (88457 Kirchdorf, Germany), open-air site, Corner of 7th avenue and Logistics avenue, Stand L44
Contact: Julian Priebe
Tel.: +49 7351 41-4491
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The new kid on the block has skills!
At LIGNA 2019, Flexijet GmbH is revealing the next generation of its successful Flexijet 3D measuring system. No sooner had it launched than this innovation bagged the Red Dot Design Award.

Comprising a measuring device and specialist CAD software, the Flexijet 3D from Flexijet GmbH is a pioneering CAD measuring system for use in planning, skilled trades and architecture that has received a great deal of praise. Its success is another chapter in the success story of its creators, who started out in 2007 and now sell the measuring systems they manufacture and distribute to customers across the globe. The fast, flexible and precise measuring systems from Flexijet GmbH have become almost irreplaceable assistants, particularly for projects involving planning and construction work on existing buildings. Over the years, the company has consistently expanded its product portfolio, most recently bringing out the next generation of its highly popular Flexijet 3D measuring system, which won the Red Dot Design Award straight after its release.

On show for the first time at LIGNA 2019, the next-generation system is designed to enable anyone - be they a beginner, all-rounder or CAD specialist - to obtain measurements and dimensions with millimeter precision quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively and use them straightaway in CAD. The solution's "measurement drawing" principle offers users a multitude of advantages over conventional measuring techniques and point clouds from laser scanners. Users can also incorporate photos and audio notes into the measurement drawing, meaning they have access to complete documentation directly at the site. The next-generation Flexijet 3D is said to measure even furnished rooms - without the need to shift cumbersome objects or rely on scaffolding, ladders or the like. According to the manufacturer, it can also detect curves, arches and non-angular components quickly and precisely. Last but not least, thanks to its integrated projection function, the Flexijet can also be used as an excellent assembly aid.

Flexijet GmbH (32549 Bad Oeynhausen, Germany), Hall 12, Stand B08
Contact: Daniel Frisch
Tel.: +49 5731 1866060
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Casting light on UV technology
For more than thirty years, EFSEN has endeavored to create UV solutions that ensure wood curing systems are as user-friendly and effective as they can be. The Danish company is now at LIGNA 2019 to present its new ICAD technology for achieving optimum quality in UV LED production.

Ever since 1986, EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY has attracted great interest throughout the wood industry with innovative and high-quality UV curing systems. Anyone eager to discover what the company has to offer should head to LIGNA 2019, where EFSEN is showing how it can support its customers by ensuring top quality and maximum product safety in the manufacture of end products. The developers from EFSEN are bringing practical solutions to Hannover that are designed to offer customers extensive benefits. Stealing the limelight is their ICAD technology - the company's latest innovation for all users of UV technology.

Designed to allow for full control of the UV curing process without interrupting production, ICAD is set to pave the way for intelligent UV production lines that monitor their own performance, deliver efficient results and are compatible with Industry 4.0. The proprietary ICAD technology forms an integral part of systems such as the new W-LED, which EFSEN is also presenting in Hannover. An optimized UV LED solution for surface treatment within flat line manufacturing processes, W-LED features a built-in cabinet and thus requires little floor space. Thanks to smart height adjustment functionality, it can also perfectly adapt to the products underneath. What’s more, W-LED is designed to help save energy, with sensors recognizing when the products reach the unit. Available in various power levels and wavelengths, W-LED is ideal for different production speeds and different positions on the manufacturing line.

EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY (2840 Holte, Denmark), Hall 17, Stand F01
Contact: Camilla Bergmann
Tel.: 45 45 65 02 70
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Keeping fingers where they belong - attached!
The FELDER Group from the Austrian Tyrol is celebrating a string of debuts at LIGNA 2019. Among the newcomers is the patent-pending Preventive Contact System (PCS), which is destined to protect against loss of life and limb in sawing operations.

Based in Austria, the FELDER Group is one of the most innovative machine manufacturers in Europe and one of the world's leading suppliers of woodworking machines for skilled craftspeople, trade and industry. Since day one, FELDER has been committed to supplying turnkey solutions – from the machine itself, in-house software and high-quality accessories right through to customized extraction solutions and a wide range of services both on site and at its hotline center. Now at LIGNA 2019 to show its innovative prowess isn't merely limited to large-scale solutions, FELDER is celebrating a string of trade fair premieres - including for a new system aimed at preventing accidents in sawing operations.

FELDER isn't shy about what its newly developed Preventive Contact System (PCS) can do: "Every woodworker, and thus every woodworking company, has ten good reasons not to compromise when it comes to working safety - PCS® prevents accidents and guarantees dexterity and a quality handshake forever!" Keen to honor this promise, FELDER has dug deep into its technological bag of tricks, creating a system that lowers the saw blade below the circular saw bench immediately upon detecting the risk of an accident. The solution utilizes the principle of electromagnetic repulsion, which is said to enable an unprecedented, extremely short response time of a few milliseconds. To ensure risks are detected in the first place, the saw blade is surrounded by a safety field. Should anything unexpectedly and rapidly come into this area, the safety lowering mechanism is triggered. The PCS® safety lowering mechanism itself doesn’t cause any damage or incur extra costs and the sliding table panel saw is ready for reuse at the push of a button. As an added bonus, PCS® doesn’t feature any wear parts, meaning there is absolutely nothing to adjust or maintain.

FELDER KG (6060 Hall, Austria), Hall 13, Stand C80
Contact: Markus Mair
Tel.: +43 5223 5850 284
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