Excellence sells!
First-class professionals deserve first-class tools. Under its new slogan "MAFELL - creating excellence", MAFELL AG is at LIGNA 2019 to showcase the new DuoDoweler DDF 40, the new K65 18 M bl cordless circular saw and the KSS 60 M bl cordless cross-cutting system.

As a manufacturer of premium hand-held machines and power tools for professional wood processing, MAFELL has been wowing the carpentry and cabinetmaking industries ever since it was founded in 1899. The family-run company is known both for its expertise in materials and technology as well as for its commitment to quality, which is reflected in its new slogan - "MAFELL - creating excellence". That's why MAFELL is not just using LIGNA 2019 as an opportunity to showcase its latest innovations, such as the DuoDoweler DDF 40, the K65 18 M bl cordless circular saw and the KSS 60 M bl cordless cross-cutting system. It is also shining a spotlight on one of its classic products, which embodies the MAFELL mission statement of "creating excellence" better than anything else in its portfolio - the P1CC precision jigsaw.

The new DuoDoweler DDF 40 is said to combine the easy handling of a biscuit joiner with the versatility and high-quality joints associated with standard wooden dowels (6 to 12 mm in diameter). When developing the DDF 40, which is set to replace the tried-and-tested DD 40 G, the specialists at MAFELL sought to make the revolutionary concept of the DuoDoweler even simpler and more efficient. Thanks to its special design, featuring a flat baseplate, the new DuoDoweler is said to allow users to easily position and drill dowel holes as if they were using a biscuit joiner, without having to use a template or mark out the work.

MAFELL's new K65 18 M bl circular saw and KSS 60 18M bl cross-cutting system, which are replacing the previous models with 36-volt batteries, are available in two variants - one with two high-quality LiHD batteries with a capacity of 99 Watt hours (Wh) and a charger, and one without batteries or a charger. With the exception of the A 10 M cordless drill driver, all MAFELL cordless power tools are now powered by 18-volt technology. As MAFELL is part of the newly founded Cordless Alliance System (CAS), its battery packs are compatible with those used in the cordless power tools of other CAS partners.

MAFELL AG (78727 Oberndorf, Germany), Hall 13, Stand D17
Contact: Bettina Schmid
Tel.: + 49 7423 812-285
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A five-star press!
KALLFASS, a long-established company based in the Black Forest region of Germany and specializing in flexible cutting, stacking and sorting systems, is unveiling its new CLT large panel press at LIGNA 2019.

Baiersbronn is best known for its fine dining, with a collection of Michelin stars to rival Ursa Major, but wood connoisseurs are also well catered for in this little town in the heart of the Black Forest. The district of Klosterreichenbach is home to KALLFASS GmbH, founded in 1949. Like so many family businesses started after the war, KALLFASS has gone from strength to strength and is now a leading supplier of flexible cutting, stacking and sorting systems. At LIGNA 2019, the company is unveiling its new CLT press for the production of large panels.

The large presses for the fully automated production of box beam elements that KALLFASS delivered to best wood Schneider in 2017 represented its initial move into press technology. In technical terms, the product - a combination of CLT panels and parallel laminated timber ribs - is the ideal solution for large, self-supporting ceiling spans using the minimum of material yet providing maximum stability. The level of demand - including from international customers who are keen to obtain everything from a single source - and the excellent long-term prospects of CLT ultimately led KALLFASS to make large panel presses part of its portfolio in 2018. The new press was developed above all with customer requirements in mind, including the fully automated production of cross-glued wood panels. Thanks to a modular, stand-alone segmental design, it makes no difference whether the layers are made up of boards or pre-glued panels.

KALLFASS GmbH (72270 Baiersbronn, Germany), Hall 25, Stand D66
Contact: Hans Haist
Tel.: +49 7442 84460
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Listen up!
fellner engineering is at LIGNA 2019 to showcase the progress it has made with "CSM Heartbeat" - the world's only saw blade protection system based on contactless acoustics.

At the suggestion of a leading company in the wood industry, fellner engineering GmbH was founded in Lower Austria in 2013 to develop a system for the acoustic monitoring of circular saw plants. Just one year later, the first "CSM Heartbeat" systems were ready for installation. The company's experts are now at LIGNA 2019 to show just how far their system has come since then.

"CSM Heartbeat" was created to tackle an all-too-common problem. In sawmills, logs are pushed at a relatively high speed - up to 200 meters a minute - through two upper and lower saw shafts with up to twelve saw blades each. As you'd expect, the saw blades are put under a great deal of strain. Quite often, they start to oscillate and heat up considerably due to the rubbing in the kerf. This, in turn, can produce wood with badly cut edges that often ends up on the scrap heap. In extreme cases, it can even damage the saw blades. By performing acoustic monitoring, "CSM Heartbeat" can recognize when the blades oscillate and recommend countermeasures. As a result, the system prevents damage to the saw blades, increases their service life, and is even said to reduce wastage. All this ultimately translates into significant cost savings - the perfect reason to keep your ears open!

fellner engineering GmbH (3002 Purkersdorf, Austria), Hall 25, Stand L05
Contact: Elisabeth Kofler
Tel.: +43 2231 62 386
Mobile: +43 680 311 8 211
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A beautiful body needs machines to match!
LOHMEYER WOOD IQ, a specialist in woodworking machinery, is at LIGNA 2019 to showcase an extensive cross-section of its machines for cabinetmaking combined with intelligent software. The company's new horizontal panel saws from its HG series are also making their debut in Hannover.

LOHMEYER WOOD IQ develops, builds and sells professional woodworking machinery for cabinetmaking. The company is at LIGNA 2019 to showcase an extensive cross-section of its cabinetmaking machinery alongside intelligent software and thereby demonstrate how they cover the entire value chain for cabinetmaking, while also maintaining a price-performance ratio that speaks to the quality of these solutions.

LOHMEYER is set to put the new horizontal panel saws from its HG series at the center of its panel cutting portfolio. The machines are available in two lengths (3,300 mm and 3,800 mm), the smaller of which - the NP330HG model - is on display in Hannover. LOHMEYER also offers this machine type as an optional lift table machine. Additional features set the new HG series apart from the DBS series, which has already proven to be a hit on the market. For instance, it's now possible to cut packages up to 120 mm in thickness. What's more, cycle times are shorter, as the saw blade projection and the pressure beam height are controlled in relation to the package height. The main saw and the scoring saw each have their own drives. The scoring saw is now configured in line with the main saw via the operating terminal, which also provides the user with all the necessary information both graphically and, if required, in plain language. Moreover, the optimization software that already comes as standard is said to reduce panel consumption.

WOOD IQ GmbH LOHMEYER (97941 Tauberbischofsheim, Germany), Hall 11, Stand D11
Contact: Peter Lohmeyer
Tel.: +49 9341 89568-0
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Harvester solutions that reap rewards
LIGNA 2019 happens to be taking place during the asparagus season - and there are sure to be plenty of farmers out there who would appreciate a harvesting machine as rugged and efficient as the latest innovations from forestry machine manufacturer PONSSE, which WAHLERS Forsttechnik is exhibiting at the fair.

It is mainly importers that bring the really heavy machinery to LIGNA in Hannover, the trade fair that is once again opening its gates at the end of May and attracts the who's who of the wood working and processing industry. The manufacturers themselves are often based in the far north of Europe, where the forestry industry needs even more robust equipment than in more temperate zones. Yet this is something these manufacturers can also capitalize on, arguing that what works "up there" is even more effective elsewhere. The importers that transform the open-air site at LIGNA into a mecca for forestry specialists every two years include WAHLERS Forsttechnik. This north German company has been distributing the forestry machinery of Finnish manufacturer PONSSE in Germany since 1993. It now also covers Austria, German-speaking Switzerland and the Netherlands.

PONSSE harvesters and forwarders are the world's leading machine logging technology and boast maximum efficiency. The company's exhibits in Hannover are set to include the new PONSSE Bison, which PONSSE recently unveiled at its in-house trade fair. Also new is Active Crane, designed to enable users to control the gripper directly instead of having to operate the main and outer booms separately. The new PONSSE Cobra harvester is a further trade fair highlight, delivering a particularly efficient solution for regular quantities of small to medium-sized trees. WAHLERS will be offering more information on what it has in store for LIGNA 2019 shortly before the start of the fair.

WAHLERS Forsttechnik GmbH & Co. KG (27389 Stemmen, Germany), open-air site, Stand P51
Contact: Nils Constabel
Tel.: +49 4267 9302-23
Mobile: +49 151 526 105 21
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Say it on your saw!
HUGO VOGELSANG is at LIGNA 2019 in Hannover with a solution that allows the company to print directly on the input material for saws. It aims to show how high-end industrial saw manufacturers can use printed strip steel product labels to meet specific customer needs.

HUGO VOGELSANG, part of the Bilstein Group, supplies high-grade strip steel to leading manufacturers of circular, band and chain saws in Germany and beyond. At LIGNA 2019, the company is showcasing intelligent cold-rolled strip solutions such as direct printing on input material for saws. "We see LIGNA 2019 as one of the most important global forums for the wood processing industry," explains Kai Hinz, Sales Director at HUGO VOGELSANG. Highlighting one of the top trends in the industry, he adds: "High-quality industrial saw suppliers are keen to use printed strip steel to stand out from the competition."

HUGO VOGELSANG has responded to this market development and is at LIGNA 2019 with a solution that can be used to print on the input material for saws, meaning this material can in future be marked with a product label to suit customer requirements. "We're thus supporting customers not only by providing premium quality and optimum service, but also by contributing to customized sales strategies for the highly competitive international market," says Hinz. An industrial printer and indelible, oil-resistant ink is used to carry out one-color printing directly on the strip steel. The current standard color is black, but alternative colors can be offered if customers wish. According to HUGO VOGELSANG, virtually all the technical options associated with conventional inkjet printers can be achieved with this new process, from TrueType fonts, Unicode support, alphanumeric text, barcodes, 2D codes, Data Matrix codes and logos to variable data such as dates, times, sequential numbering, shift codes and database content. The high-resolution HP Thermal Inkjet printer used in the process prints on unlubricated steel, with each print head covering a maximum printing width of 12.7 millimeters and exhibiting a resolution of up to 600 dpi. Up to four print heads can be cascaded, which means labels can feature a printing height of 50.8 millimeters.

HUGO VOGELSANG GmbH & Co. KG (58119 Hagen, Germany), Hall 27, Stand D15
Contact: Christian Pürschel
Tel.: +49 2334 861268
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